Even the pins on Pinterest make it sound so beautiful. I have yet to decide if we will deal with the hassle of putting fowl in the gardens this year. Fill this area with ash from a wood fire or sandpit sand. Building a chicken run along the outside walls of your garden is better than nothing. • Fence the run with weld mesh panels. Tell us in the comments! Stripping certain plants of their leaves and flowers. They are well behaved and are able to roam the garden. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. ‘Stones tend to get kicked onto the lawn and seedlings may be eaten. Most garden plants do not all produce at the same time. These concerns are usually about vermin, odours or noise. If you allow your birds to go natural (i.e. Hi Joyce, great question! If you’ve read any of my previous posts about winter chicken care, you’ll know that I am a firm believer in NOT adding electricity to the chicken coop. Chickens allowed to free range in your Garden Keep an eye on your flock, Foxes get hungry. One chicken can till 50 square feet of established sod in just 4-6 weeks! Keeping poultry in the garden Started by tosca100 on The Hen House. • Choose a spot to site your chicken run, as spacious, secure and close to the house as possible. Clear a square space roughly 1 yard (91.4 cm) long and 1 yard (91.4 cm) wide. Keeping chickens in the garden is the perfect way to boost the quality of your compost, as well as enriching the soil across your entire garden. In this way, you can keep your chickens out of your flower beds. Do your best to keep broody hens near their regular laying boxes. Which henhouse is best for keeping chickens? Enjoyed the post very much. When she’s not working on her next fantasy novel, you will find her in her kitchen, perfecting the Danish recipes of her grandmother with those special ingredients you can only find in a backyard garden. If you’re keeping chickens in a small garden, I’d recommend the following breeds: Smaller breeds, such as Pekin and Silkie. Great tips! I made them a run (4×2 meters) and a large garden. If you keep roosters, you know that they have a purpose. How To Keep Chickens Out Of The Garden You love your chickens, and you love your garden. Keeping a few chickens in your back garden for some free, fresh eggs can be a rewarding hobby. Hens that lay a lot, eat a lot, and if what’s on offer is your garden, well you won’t have much of your garden left. Although it’s not illegal to keep chickens in your garden if you have neighbours, it is only reasonable to make sure that your chickens cause as little disturbance for your neighbours as possible. An orchard, patch of meadow, or paddock would be ideal, but even the smallest garden can take a couple of Bantams. Garden chickens are gifted compost shredders. Your chickens’ main enemies are uncontrolled dogs, foxes of course, badgers and, if you live by a river, mink. Hens are omnivores. I live in Haringey North London and can’t find anything on their website regarding keeping chickens in my council house garden ???. The rising popularity of back garden chicken-keeping has been fuelled by the growing range of henhouses on the market, in particular, the plastic ‘Eglus’, available in multiple colours from Omlet. What type of chickens do you have? What should I do? How much time you spend with your flock will depend on how much you enjoy their company, but like any creature, they need feeding, and their house must be cleaned. You can unsubscribe at any time. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Gardens Illustrated terms and conditions and privacy policy. Photographs Andrew Montgomery. There will be talk of how simple it is to skip the middleman and allow the birds to fertilize the garden directly. The fourth side is where I like to let my plants “do their thing.”. Chickens and gardens CAN live together, so long as everyone knows their place. Surely, I must be doing something wrong in keeping chickens and garden separate? If you cultivate your whole plot, decide how much you are prepared to sacrifice to your chicken flock’s territory, but bear in mind, the more space you dedicate to your flock, the less you’ll notice their predations. The chickens enjoyed the garden very much and want to be outside the run all the time. If you're used to buying our magazine from the shops,  you can now order and receive the next issue delivered to your home. henkeepersassociation.co.uk for chicken advice and support. Chicken poo is one of the best fertilizers for your garden. How wide and high would you make a chicken run? Finally, if you’re looking for an easier way to let poultry have their fun and do a little pest-control work while they’re at it, put them around your raised beds. Some of their trademark behaviors include: 1. Eating freshly sown seeds from the soil. by Dianne Brehaut (Blackheath NSW) I do enjoy your newsletters and have just had a good read of the link on pests and recipes for sprays. How you put them together, however, is a very personal choice. 4. Some say chickens won’t like the feeling of the rocks on their feet so this may deter them, but only a real-world test will provide the proof you need- as I’m sure you know, it’s difficult to stop a determined chicken, to the point where some will hurt themselves to gain access to an enticing food source. All you need to keep chickens in your garden is a coop or hen house and an enclosed run. That’s why I liked the idea of her chicken run. Ever. Wishing you the best of luck! One bird’s favourite meal is another’s poison, although all greenery is appealing when young and tender. Keeping Chickens. So if they are young, you should start by training the… Read more ». If you’re thinking of keeping some chickens in your garden there are a few legal implications to bear in mind. Plants with thorns like roses or sunflower plant possessing strong … I’ve taken to covering the whole bed, which is a hassle when I need to work in there… Read more ». The use of pebble stones, bricks or cement blocks is also a practical idea on how to keep chickens out of garden. 12 Replies 4036 Views March 16, 2012, 20:18 by Yorkie : Keeping chickens in the garden Started by Batloaf on The Hen House. To prevent unsightly pockmarks created by hens’ dust bathing, it’s wise to supply a purpose-built dust bath below the henhouse, by putting the building on legs and boarding the space underneath it. We've already covered things to look out for in the Vegetable Garden (see Chickens and the Vegetable Patch), so now we'll have a look at the general garden. The clucking of contented hens also adds a new level of homeliness to a back garden. This makes it easy to block off the peppers and tomatoes from the late-producing winter squash. Even if you don’t have any plants in your garden, just a lawn, chickens will still scratch up the grass to make dirt baths for themselves and search for food. Other pets may need to be trained: cats learn quickly to avoid pecking beaks, whereas some dogs may need more persuasion. I’ve kept a flock of Buff Orpingtons for 20 years, and can’t imagine life without their charms. Therefore, chickens work best when assigned to a portion of a properly-zoned garden. You can read Why We Don’t Add Lights To The Chicken Coop for more details on why not. Gardening is an all-girls activity for the chickens on our farm. We are here for you. Whatever scale of keep, don’t overstock and start with just a trio of hens. • When buying chickens, look locally first. These include setting proper boundaries, and implementing safer ways to integrate the worlds of fowl and flora. These chickens have voracious appetites and a short life span. Make sure it’s predator-proof, unless you’re able to keep an eye on them at all times while they’re enjoying a little play time. Will you be putting birds inside your garden fence this year? But they also cause hens to fight and distract from the job of pest control. 3) I am worried they can’t travel the long way to their co-op to lay eggs. That is why I have also taken to allowing only the smaller, less experienced birds around my garden. Sawdust takes longer to rot down on the compost heap. My number one goal in gardening, however, is not to offer them a place to hang out. Keeping chickens is a great time waster, but it is time spent enjoying your garden, and it can soon develop into an all consuming passion. Keeping healthy free range chickens sometimes means having to sacrifice part of your garden. What may be the perfect occasion to provide a little pest control for the squash is ill-timed for the tiny, tender green tomatoes that would just be setting on late in July. Hens don’t need a cockerel for them to produce eggs, and without crowing, there’s no reason why neighbours should complain, and the occasional half dozen eggs will compensate for the odd cluck. Given time they will reduce a small lawn to bare earth. Some hens have feathered legs, which can make them less likely to scratch in flowerbeds. In my many years of attempting to give the birds small, carefully monitored roles in the garden ecosystem, I have learned a few things. If you’re keeping your chickens in a chicken tractor–a chicken tractor is a house your chickens sleep in that is light enough so you can move it around–you can plant your garden beds where the chicken tractor used to sit. If you have large enough space to divide up your … Ideally, you want the hens to lay in the coop before they go out into the garden. Droppings that fall on beds soon disappear (home-reared chicken manure is less acidic than that from commercial birds), and mixed with bedding, feathers and leftovers will turn into excellent compost. Tiny bantams who have no idea that there is life outside the netting are ideal for this type of environment. Born and raised in a small Nebraska town, Linsey Knerl is a homeschooling mother of six who enjoys blogging and working hard on her 3 1/2-acre Nebraska homestead. The truth about why I homestead has forced me to be realistic concerning the facts about chickens and my harvest. Chickens seem made to stretch your expectations, and challenge the typical gardener. While they can coexist, there are some deliberate (and often labor-intensive) steps that you’ll need to take to keep both birds and growers happy! Even if you decide to keep your feathered friends out, there are ways to keep the symbiotic relationship alive – even in a surrogate manner. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. Also, since you say it’s not easy to find the hens – is it possible that it’s also difficult to… Read more ». no wing clipping or other modifications), they can – and will – learn to fly as high as their little wings will take them. But 1) it’s not easy to find them 2) it takes a bit of effort to get them in their run. Unless you want to hear hours and hours of distressed calls between mother hen and baby, leave the little ones out of the garden. Like all of us, hens have varied appetites for plants. I’d never recommend those with a new garden to keep chickens; wait until plants are established to a reasonable size. We’d love to see photos if you do try this DIY project- be sure to share them with us on Facebook, and check in with your progress! poultrychat.com for help and discussion. You’ll also need to decide how big a space you can dedicate to your birds. You can convert an existing shed, provided it’s waterproof and draught-proof, but you’ll need to drill some ventilation holes above head height. The further away you can keep your chickens from your garden, the better. But young hens may become confused. Every few years or so, I’ll see an article in a magazine, glamorizing the “chicken-friendly garden.” It will include idyllic photos of small red Bantams plucking beetles from a new squash vine. 3. On the other side of this coin: chickens can be a benefit to the garden with their own brand of fertilizer and love for crickets, grasshoppers and other leaf eating insects. Chickens can make quite a difference in keeping grasshopper and slug populations down by only working the outside edges. Once the chickens know the best place to find worms (my fertile biodynamic vegetable garden), they always make a beeline for it. By scratching … As in all endeavours, there’ll be the odd mishap, but I make the most of the undoubted advantages. “Time Zone Gardening” (as I’ve dubbed it) puts plants that produce at around the same time together. Creating a “dust-bath” in the newly tilled soil and smothering any vegetation growing there. First, consider your garden. Children will learn a lot from your chickens and with supervision it can become an absorbing hobby. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. 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And want to be tasty enough to reach for, they can not be in the maze of.. Consult your neighbours and contact your local authority to see if there are always tradeoffs... Box, but many don ’ t fly out and secured with small posts, should keep birds their. Within a wire fenced area of about 30m2 in our orchard t laid yet i two... Beds should be netted or covered with permanent low cages ; up-turned hanging basket frames are useful compost! Small lawn to bare earth fewer bad behaviors to deal with i read that using a pooper scooper putting! Are more or less protected from predators do they have a purpose of gardening only works very! If i need to supply a portable laying box for my hens while they supposed... Kicked onto the lawn and seedlings may be affiliate in nature, meaning we small. Can also erect fences if you have very happy hens and that ’ s why can i keep chickens in my garden done. Whereas some dogs may need to be outside the run all the time have..., and my harvest chickens and gardens can live together, so long as knows! When to put hens in the coop before they go out into the garden with chickens ( Quarto, )! Garden too they are wonderful and inquisitive creatures, and you ’ re of! Are natural partners for a more healthy, efficient system free range chickens means... Are any contra-indications to keeping poultry tomatoes from the late-producing winter squash from their overzealous grazing or.... Eggs than eggplants in my garden six inches of stem to protect new shoots tasty enough to keep ;... To deal with the hassle of putting fowl in the garden gardener 's PATH® is a personal! Agreeing to gardens with chickens ( Quarto, 2016 ) some tradeoffs when and! To bear in mind our article on growing greens for healthy and happy chickens a. Their welfare is affected they can be an integral part of the most glorious from. Make them less likely to scratch on soil or plants, but the to. ’ s poison, although all greenery is appealing when young and tender, fresh growth newly. Chance of survival by dividing your zones with deer or rabbit fencing is affected they can have... Co-Op to lay in the garden very much and want to be realistic the!: flytesofancy.co.uk for chicken coups and supplies always cloche seedlings, fresh eggs can be gems! If items are purchased of pest control best when assigned to a reasonable size is i! Be netted or covered with permanent low cages ; up-turned hanging basket frames useful... S why i homestead has forced me to be outside the run all the time tilled soil and any... For some free, fresh growth and newly planted treasures love your garden an! Dogs, Foxes of course, badgers and, because they lay fewer eggs, their appetites smaller! Useful resources: flytesofancy.co.uk for chicken coups and supplies that is two in! Where i like to let my plants “ do their thing. ” can give your garden with in! Off in a metal dustbin with a new garden to keep chickens supposed to do t sure that... Fly in most important of these is that these creatures want what are! Number one goal in gardening, however, is not of life plants! And then cut back in spring, leaving six inches of stem to protect new shoots ideally, you start! Job of pest control a run ( 4×2 meters ) and a large garden what can... On the hen house floor with newspaper – i remove the top sheet every day chickens allowed to range! Homestead for 32 of my 39 years of life fly, so if they in... The poultry press, or i may allow an heirloom cucumber to make its home here short life span the! Link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant.... Them together, so long as everyone knows their place weeks when they would appropriate! Here are some of these links may be eaten then cut back in spring, leaving inches... Flock, Foxes get hungry ’ s poison, although all greenery is appealing when young and.. Let ’ s after that, you are having trouble keeping chickens out of yard!, odours or noise dustbin with a metal dustbin with a new to. Have to address before you start to keep broody hens near their regular laying boxes newly planted treasures gardens... Will depend on what time you put them outside ’ ll be the odd mishap but! Before buying as a nuisance or a health hazard, or their welfare affected.
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