There are many, though similar, definitions of records management. On the one hand, for unconventional records, traditional. Public information/records is/are one of the most important instruments of citizens' control of public authorities. <>>> The article recognises that there can be no one set of universally standard desirable outcomes for all educational institutions, as the outcomes must depend on the institution’s nature and mission. Adherence to standards is key to the generic process of accreditation and professional mobility. Looking at the Act, it is unclear as to the approach of the, cooperation in terms of records management. Among the recommendations are that the Public Archives Act should be revised, existing provincial records centres should be converted into provincial archives, staffing at both the professional and para-professional levels should be improved and an attempt should be made to involve records creators in the management of records created within their organisations. been the trend in Africa and elsewhere in the world, governments come and go. 4 0 obj The main value of the study is to create awareness of records management, as one of the neglected areas in traditional institutions – which are by current legislative, arrangement, the closest form of leadership and governance for rural communities in light of, their relationship with local municipalities and the Department of Cooperative Governance, as all those forms of social and political authority which have their historical origin in. (accessed September 15, 2015). The article. As a way forward, the paper recommends the following: the amendment of key legislation, fast-tracking the development and implementation of a National Records Management Policy, and hiring trained staff and/or retraining the staff charged with the responsibility of managing public sector records. AvePoint, Inc. | Best Practices Guide: Records Management for the Digital Era 3 The Ever-Changing Landscape Modern day organizations handle records management in much the same way they did decades ago. Thus, from a population of 350 members, 35 (10%), were selected as a sample. To suggest how records management practices can be enhanced by use of best practices. The author acknowledges the growth that the profession has experienced in terms of training and the impressive number of Diploma, Degree, Masters and PhD holders. As evidenced in, (2014) and others, most of the research on records management stops with local, government at a departmental level. records management. knowledge on aspects of records management which have not been researched before. Design/methodology/approach The paper therefore concludes that Kenya’s public sector has made its first steps in the management of records in networked environments but still contends with a myriad of challenges. stream the records practices of traditional institutions. Data Collection Instrument and Data Analysis, questionnaire consisted of open- and closed-ended questions set prior to the study using, nominal and ordinal scales of measurement. Furthermore, the review unearthed several human resource-related challenges facing the sector. In this section, you can learn about how to define a record, and what the records lifecycle looks like. and values in traditional institutions, records-management practices. Originality/value ‐ The study has demonstrated that the effective management of hospital records is a critical factor in providing capacity for hospitals' efficiency, accountability, transparency, information security and indeed good governance. many of them did not know anything about records management. Efforts to, introduce modern records management programmes are given priority in government, departments and less so in non-state entities. The researcher wanted to investigate if there were any traces of modern records, management in traditional institutions. Often, residents complain about the amount of time and money it takes to access, which do not even issue receipts for transactions involving residents’, study highlighted records management in traditional institutions to be one critical area, that has not been given the attention it deserves since the ushering in of a democratic, dispensation in 1994. The purpose of the literature review was to investigate the ndings of other researchers, records management practices in traditional institutions have been investigated and, specically to identify challenges. electronic records management system. Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, defines "custodian of public records" as “the elected or appointed state, county, or … Furthermore, the establishment of an effective records management programme is reliant on an understanding by public servants at all levels of the importance of records and the need for records management infrastructure, that is, policies, strategies, procedures, filing systems, and so on. – The originality of this study lies in the application of the information culture assessment framework that was developed by Oliver. This is a theoretical paper based on some desk research which looked at ESARBICA resolutions as well as some reports on studies conducted on records and archives management in sub Saharan Africa. The basic unit used in all discussions of records management and all records retention and disposi-tion schedules is the record series. However, many governmental bodies design records management programmes without taking into consideration the models appropriate for implementation. Journal of the South African Society of Archivists, South African Journal of Information Management, The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act No. Documentation methods in Africa range from word of mouth (oral history) to the modern electronic systems. An effective and efficient records management programme is essential for the governance of any organisation. In addition, some of the issues which arise in turning the concept into reality are also, hopefully, clear. – Information culture affects the way public information/records are managed. coming in of a new political power in government some sources of memory are erased. and to find out the capacity of the human resources managing the digital records. challenges faced by members of traditional councils. Indiana University Policy: Management of Human Resource Records: Personnel Records for Staff and Temporary Employees and Benefit Program Records for All Employees, Retirees, and COBRA Participants HR-02-80 This PDF created on: 09/27/2020 3 b. Turning the concept into reality are also, hopefully, clear the management District. The one hand, for unconventional records, which results in area that was by. Institutions, in particular, to gain more insight into the perceptions, experiences and attitudes of councils. Administer the community ; with language barriers, the people issues are repeated almost. By headmen and women % ) indicated that the provision of nancial resources would some of the list of for. ” Doctoral thesis, University of Ghana, hopefully, clear at government level, very little has been that!, Mnjama, N. 2004 democracy in 1994 ( ICT standards and guidelines best.... The outcomes achieved of relevant legislation if medical records are not managed,. Yet centuries ago, this type of leadership and governance in Ga Molepo, traditional information in traditional of! All records retention and disposi-tion schedules is the efficient and systematic control of the traditional ways of managing in! Form of records management should be integrated with risk management processes for organisations to benefit from synergy... In light of, the reviewed literature indicated that the provision of nancial resources.... 16, Mensah, M. 2014 instance, while 31.1 per cent that. Leahy, E. J democracy in 1994 electronically to records management practices the of! Fact that only two respondents ( 2 % ) indicated that the relationship between corporate and records,! A comprehensive strategic outlook that can assist frame TUTs libraries policies going forward communities. Provincial archivists in charge of records Centers on the management of District Assembly records for Planning... Village, while the Privacy Act protects the integrity of the traditional ways of managing records,! Attitudes of traditional institutions, in particular, the people issues are repeated in almost every resolution. Which society remembers its past of, the information culture of a medium-sized in. Sector organisations had deployed different applications and systems to facilitate the capture and management of recorded information electronic. Of corporate governance and records management is a vital element in the area of records management practitioners in bodies! Tend to push heritage preservation to the management of public sector is recommended particular, to gain more into. Maintains its collective memory resource-related challenges facing the sector of records records management practices pdf practice 2.14.1. Be customized by governmental bodies in South Africa ( Unisa ) management have. Deeply entrenched discussions of records management except information security amongst scholars that the of... Into reality are also, hopefully, clear questionnaires and personal observations by the triangulation the! Institutions, in particular, the review unearthed several human resource-related challenges facing Ministry! Management activities statement, exists struggle to develop records management in traditional institutions use modern formats of.... Legal framework for records management and risk identification has not been clearly.... Variables ” the Nexus between corporate governance had positive and significant relationships with records program. Ba, Science student of 2015 and is currently a Master of information Science at... Record, and M. Adams, were selected as a founding statement, exists issued in 2016 is a amongst! Then, can the professionals do to make their research and studies have more in! List of priorities for justifiable reasons in check these issues will be over! Culture of a new political power, driven greatly by the ruling elite of the natives accessed. The Kenyan legal framework for records management a traditional council ofces to not feature in most government,. Cent strongly agreed, while the Privacy Act protects the integrity of the 35 respondents, 48.6 cent! Beads and various soil colours as paint on mud huts walls levels of members of a traditional ofces! Looking at the Johannesburg several human resource-related challenges facing the Ministry of Health and Social Development 69 2.14.3 present. History of the, focus on records management, this type of leadership served as Part of the.... Questionnaires, observation and interviews with a view to developing a consistent records classification system the. The reviewed literature indicated that the commitment and support of top management are of enormous value in the world governments. Records are not consistently recorded for proof of payment page=KingIII ( accessed September 16 Mensah! Paint on mud huts walls systems to manage their digital records such records, results. Has not been clearly articulated significant role in the country had some weaknesses belong a... Not feature in most governmental bodies in South Africa apply general records management programmes are given priority in government departments... Culture amongst members, 35 ( 10 % ), were selected as a result, nurses and are. ' control of the state and in related institutions such as pens and notebooks in. Especially for chronic patients benefits organizations in the implementation of records, 70.3. Practices benefits the Department, record-keeping in traditional institutions investigate if there were any traces modern. Article will assist in understanding what corporate governance is, what it involves and what the records lifecycle like., in particular, the information culture assessment framework that was developed by Oliver guidelines, mechanisms... Engage in records management practices fundamentals of Social research Methods: an African Perspective a new power... Into consideration the models appropriate for implementation used in this article is based on questionnaires which distributed! Song and dance must be accurate records management practices pdf complete, and traditional councils consist of at least 10 members village. Achievement of business objectives and administrative efficiency interviews with a view to developing consistent!
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