They probably cost anywhere from $6 to $8 depending on if it is a dwarf hamster or a teddy bear hamster. I have bought several Petco hamsters whom were healthy and happy! Pricey, and those breeds are specialty ones as pets. From habitats, to food and bedding, our small pet products make it easy to create a safe, comfortable space for your ferret, guinea pig, rabbit, gerbil, mouse or rat. I saw the video that they had. Answer. Usually they cost from $15.00 to $25.00 for a nice hamster. how much do hamsters cost at petsmart and petco? Mine was $25, and is great. detect a diverse puppy … Relevance. Hamsters are commonly found at big chain pet retailers such as Petco and Petsmart. kaytee forti diet for hamster 7.49 for 5 lbs.- this will last you a long time.make sure you get a ceramic food bowl this way they can't tip their food and you can see how much it eats.always get a water bottle and not a water bowl - the critter trail z comes with a good water bottle but don't use the foode dish it comes with it sucks. Types of hamsters. How much are hamsters at morenos. Hamsters. If you want more than one hamster you can without worrying if you are going to have a hundred by the end of the year. Posted: (2 months ago) How much does Hamsters cost at Petsmart :)? It's going to vary on where you get the Hamster from ( different Petsmart's, different States etc.) Find the small pet supplies you need. The russian chinese and fancy russian are all 16 dollars, winter white and robo are twelve, short haired is thirteen, and fancy bear is twenty. Only give hamsters as much fruits and vegetables as they can consume in about 4 hours' time. Seeds are fattening and night time a litter of cute little dwarf hamsters one combinations out the bottle still like to discuss loss grieving and dirty. Answer (1 of 3): Petco is the better place to get a hamster. then you need the cage, food, water bottle, running wheel, ball, and shavings. Get it from a regular pet store, not PetCo or PetSmart. Jake Scott, Super Bowl MVP of Miami's perfect season, dies. They enjoy interacting with their Pet Parents and can even be trained to learn tricks! Like i said, it varies with different state taxes and stuff. Petsmart gets thier animals from local suppliers that ought to be shipping animals just a few weeks past the point of being able to leave thier parents. Syrian hamsters’ front teeth never stop growing, so they must continually grind them down on food, hay, and chews. I bought my dwarf hamster at PetsMart and he was almost $13 ($12 something- I live in NH) . It depends on what kind of hamster. I bought a hamster back in January- He is a male, and he was 22$. You should have that lasts no more than 18 to 20 day gestational periods of time. Yes, Petsmart stores do sell the Winter White hamsters. Be careful waking them up— they have a tendency to startle easily. A man even stomped on a hamster when he got loose! But female hamsters usually cost around 10$, 20$ at the most. Female Fancy Mice have tons of energy and are fun to watch. the cage you can get a cheap one for about 30$ food 10$--- alwsays need more food. Kale, collard greens, zucchini and shredded carrot are all on the menu. 'I do not mean to trigger': Willis explains Instagram pic. PetSmart's hamsters are not the cheapest, follow others' directions said here. Which I think is very cheap. Favourite answer. I purchased three teddy bear hamsters for about $12 each. petsmart typically offers a variety of dwarf hamsters (russian, fancy russian, chinese, robo,) as well as short haired, winter white, and fancy bear. Top Sites About Hamsters At Petsmart Prices. Anonymous. Up to an amount of $35,000 CAD. Shop for How Much Do Baby Hamsters Cost At Petsmart And Monkey Dog Toy Petsmart How Much Do Baby Hamsters Cost At Petsmart And Monkey Dog Toy Petsmart Ads Immed hamster the avarge i would say about $5-$9.50. Shop for Low Price Petsmart Little Rock Chenal And How Much Would A Hamster Cost At Petsmart . | Yahoo Answers Posted: (1 months ago) They probably cost anywhere from $6 to $8 depending on if it is a dwarf hamster or a teddy bear hamster. Price may vary by location. Find pet mice for sale at your local PetSmart store! For instance, at the time of this writing, Petsmart is offering buyers 10% off their purchase when a … 0 … i could in my opinion advise you to no longer purchase at Petsmart because of the fact that they do a terrible activity of taking care of their hamsters and that they do no longer normally stay very long in case you purchase from Petsmart. but not a big difference :) Dwarf Hamsters are around : $10. The cool thing about the hamsters at Petsmart is they are sexed before they arrive. I'm not sure how much it would be at Petco but I believe it would be around the same price. Black Bear Hamsters are around: $20. Its depends what breed or kind of hamster you are thinking to purchase. Best Price Erin Gray Petsmart And How Much Are Chinese Dwarf Hamsters At Petsmart How Much Do Baby Hamsters Cost At Petco? average cost? If you plan on purchasing it here, be on the lookout for special coupons and/or promotions. 2020-04-07 07:53:33 2020-04-07 07:53:33. I agree with Tabitha, they do abuse animals there. But female hamsters usually cost around 10$, 20$ at the most. Anonymous Answered . Bonus Card redeemable for merchandise & services in store with Bonus Card or online … Each store will only have either boys or girls. 1 decade ago. Though it's best to get them from local breeders they are sometimes hard to come across. the hamsters are from 6$ to 18$ thats the cheap part. Most people I have spoken to said their Petsmart hamster died soon after buying it. Be calm around your hamster, and always handle small pets gently. 11 Answers. Answer Save. A hamster itself usually costs 6-15 dollars depending where you buy it (Petco, Petsmart, local pet shop). Off topic, when I first read this question, I thought it was a feeder question to a snake, since you posted in Reptiles, :p. If you're buying hamsters as food for snakes, don't buy them at Petsmart, lol. Its depends what breed or kind of hamster you are thinking to purchase. Not all breeders publish their rates online. There are five pet hamster species, including the Syrian or Golden Hamster. Buy How Much Do Syrian Hamsters Cost At Petsmart And How Much Does A Hamster Cost In Petsmart You can order How Much Do Syrian Hamsters Cost At Petsmart And How How much are the turtles at petsmart? I believe i spent around $60 on everything. Although active, hamsters are really tiny creatures that don’t eat or excrete much, so feeding them once per day and cleaning them out once or … Top Answer. 3 4 5. On the other hand, the cost to buy a hamster ranges from $14.99 to $22.99 at PetSmart Stores while Petco sells it at $12.99 to $19.99. When it comes to handling, hamsters can be tame but may bite if startled, especially upon waking from a deep sleep. please help. Hamsters are nocturnal and have better hearing than eyesight. They are active at night and cost around $12 per hamster. But, there shouldnt be too much of a difference. I would personally recommend you not to buy at Petsmart since they do a horrible job of taking care of their hamsters and they don't usually live very long if you buy from Petsmart. Their diet can include also vegetables, which you can serve to your hamster every other day. water bottle about 4$ running wheel 5$ ball- 6$ shavings- 6$ all these are necessities with the hamster. It depends on the type of hamster. If you want a cool small pet consider a rat too. Syrian hamsters should live alone (they’re the solitary types). 1 decade ago. Applicable on Hill's® Science Diet® dry pet food purchased at PetSmart Canada locations between December 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. At petsmart, you'll find a syrian hamster for about $6 to $9. Inquiries about prices may be done either by visiting the breeding farm or by phone. The hamster itself may cost between $10-20, and you can buy starter kits at Petsmart for $25-35. On a week-by-week basis, hamsters cost very little to take care of - mainly just a few pounds for a little bit of food and bedding. The good cage... Are Syrian Hamster On Sale At Petsmart? Hamsters. It was terrible. They probably fee everywhere from $6 to $8 reckoning on notwithstanding if it is a dwarf hamster or a teddy undergo hamster. How much do female hamsters cost at Petsmart? 0 0. horseygirl. Artificial to the how much are dwarf hamsters at petsmart little guys. They are recommended as pets for children over the age of 10. Feed your hamster everyday, keeping the bowl about three-quarters full. Hairdressers weigh in on Giuliani's drip problem A pure white hamster may be hard to find, but a mottled tan teddy bear hamster is easy to find and pretty easy to take care of. Your best bet on getting a good hamster: go for Dwarf, Robovinsky or European hamsters. Teddy Bear Hamsters are around : $5. Asked by Wiki User. If you searching to evaluate How Much Does A Hamster Cage Cost At Petsmart And Petsmart Agua Fria price.