Some newer tubs with ozonators, chromatherapy, and other high-end features are wired for mixed voltage, with some features running on 110v and others on 120v. Hot Tub Electrical Installation Cost. This will save you headaches in the end. In our hot tub installation guide you will find all the costs, specs and details for. These prices vary depending on the sizing, brand, and company. Many prefer them over chlorine tubs due to simplified maintenance and longer-lasting water. Knowing the hot tub electrical installation Ephraim costs is recommended before starting a hot tub electrical installation project. the last estimate was almost $2,000.00. If the electrician has good pricing from his suppliers he has a got a minimum of $250 material cost for the Spa GFCI disconnect, breaker for your electrical panel, hot tub receptacle, j-box, cover, 120v GFCI receptacle, jbox weather tight cover. Hot Tub Electrical Installation Hookup GFCI. 7-person tubs are also rare, like 3 and 5-person tubs. Once the temperature comes back down, the pump continues to work. This is a costly job and averages around $400-$650. There are many options to choose from, depending on whether you are looking for a temporary screen or something more permanent. The distance between your hot tub and the breaker panel may also affect your costs. Drink holders are very reasonable in price and range between $25-$60 per set. Following the excavation is the shell installation, which lowers the hot tub shell into the ground and finishes it off with the necessary cement and gravel to build the foundation around the shell. This process has higher costs than standard, above-ground hot tubs for installation. An electrician has to set up the hot tub wiring into a control pack and install a GFCI next to the hot tub at least 5 feet away. In-ground hot tubs can be a major investment that requires professional installation. A soak before exercise warms muscles, joints, and ligaments, possibly reducing the risk of injury. Select date. Expect to spend $15-$30 for a 4-pack of clips or $30-$60 for a 2-pack of straps. We need an electrical wire from our panel box located at the front of our new home to the hot tub at the back of our house. How Much Does It Cost to Install a Hot Tub? It could be as little as $500 for an inflatable hot tub or as much as $28,000 for a top-of-the-line acrylic spa with all the bells and whistles. Electric and gas-powered models are the most popular of the three and are more expensive, yet easier to operate. Wooden hot tubs can be electric-powered, gas-powered, or wood-fired. Most hot tub owners chose to install their new hot tubs outdoors. Totals - Cost To Install Hot Tub : Average Cost per Tub A well-ventilated space is necessary for controlling humidity and condensation. Hot Tub Wiring & Jacuzzi Electrical Services, Call 613-612-6462 for a FREE. The 50 amp breaker is 6 feet from the edge of our hot tub. The electricity your spa’s heater uses to keep your water hot is an ongoing expense associated with hot tub ownership. They typically cost between $4,000 and $12,000, depending on the features. Because these are high-end tubs with many features, they cost more, between $8,000 and $20,000. Cost to install a hot tub varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). Hot tubs cost a lot of money. When purchasing a hot tub, there are many varieties to consider. Always check to see which fuel the heater is designed for. If your hot tub’s electrical hook up requires a connection to your main service panel and it is clear on the other side of your home, utilizing your attic as a method of wiring can save you significant amounts of money in conduit, wire and labor costs. If this is not the case, electricians must dig up the spot and provide these electrical components. Hot Tub Electrical Installation Cost. On average, an independent heater raises the temperature by roughly 5-6 degrees per hour. The pump is another prime energy user at 1,500 watts. Find a hot tub installation professional near you. If you want to eliminate the hassle of removing the cover every time you want to go in, then a cover lifter is a necessary purchase. Hot tubs are very heavy, and once filled with water, they can weigh a ton, applying high pressure to the surface they are on. Our energy cost calculator can give you an idea of how much your bill might increase in winter: A hot tub model that costs $13.92 per month to heat at an electrical rate of $0.11 kWh in 75-degree weather in Miami, Florida will cost $36.61 per month to heat at the same electrical rate in 35-degree weather in International Falls, Minnesota. Electrical installations include the bond wire, service panel, ground and GFCI break, a DC converter for the tub motor, and PVC piping, all costing about $250, plus $70 for trenching work. The foundation must be level, straight, and bear the weight of the tub, water, and occupants in it. It can also be the most “brow raising” install (especially if the hot tub dealer said the install would not be expensive). Keep in mind if you choose gas, you need to have a gas line to your yard or deck to run the heater, which can increase your installation costs: Electric hot tub heaters are less expensive to purchase and install than gas or propane heaters. These are two different features and two different installations. Just keep in mind-properly licensed tradesman must perform the actual installation of any conduit or piping – i.e. Within this article we will prepare you for what to expect on costs and also how to save the most money on your install. To estimate costs for your project: 1. 2-person inflatable hot tub, plug-and-play, Installing a wooden hot tub for 4-8 people, including a locking cover, screen, steps, and ozonator, 8 to 12-person acrylic hot tub, plus cover lifter with ozonator, steps, and extra heater, Get free estimates from trusted hot tub installation companies near me, Compare quotes from local hot tub installers, Find the best hot tub installers near you, Compare prices from hot tub installers near you, The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. Custom tubs, built-in tubs, in-ground tubs, and other specialty tubs likely have other associated costs. The electrical demands of hot tubs is very heavy and as such they require a heavy gauge wire directly to your house panel. Because the tubs are usually bigger and have more features, they tend to be more expensive, with a cost range of $4,000 to $20,000. First, it is important to install an indoor hot tub in a room with proper ventilation to prevent condensation, including fans and a dehumidifier. Check The Rules: Always check with your local building department and/or HOA to determine if you have any additional requirements for placing your new hot tub such as fence clearance, child proofing, etc. A 40AMP dedicated electrical installation will typically cost around £300-£350 and take no more than a couple of hours to complete. Steps can make entering and exiting the hot tub much safer and easier. To keep the water clean, many hot tub users opt to purchase an ozonator. We're often asked this question by potential new customers looking at our range of hot tubs. We called the electrician to come out and hook the tub up to the breaker and they wanted $500-$600 to do it! This includes installation labor fees and the work of an electrician. Installing a manual disconnect device, often called a spa panel, between your home’s electrical breaker panel and the spa. For those who like to exercise before they relax, swim spa hot tub combos are a great thing to have. Rectangular tubs come in molded and wood and some smaller inflatables. By using Fixr you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Get free estimates from hot tub and spa specialists near you. Added 6 questions and answers to the FAQ section. Try a zip code that’s nearby. Most tubs come with a standard heater, although some lower-cost and custom tubs require you to separately purchase your heater. Several factors influence the cost of installing a hot tub. Ergonomics and aesthetics owners have different preferences for example round rectangular square octagon even custom shapes. For the smallest portable hot tubs, no installation is necessary. Have The Spa Placed Before The Electrician Comes: To properly install the spa it should be on site and placed in the desired location prior to electrical installation. The wiring would be a dedicated line for the hot tub only. However, you can determine how much electricity your tub uses by determining how many hours a month you use the tub and the number of kilowatts the tub uses. Reduce total project cost by having multiple vendors bid on the same, detailed work specification of your Outdoor Hot Tub project. They cost less to run because they run off a lower electrical volt. Hot tubs may also help relieve pain from arthritis and muscle tightness and promote restful sleep. Can you give me a ballpark estimate of what it would cost to install circuit for hot tub on a new house build? Multiply this by the number of hours you intend to use it to find the energy usage. Between $ 6,000 and $ 20,000, depending on how to save most... Durable and available in fewer color options and range in price from $ 500- $ 1,000 to 1500 dollars on! Except for wiring specifications a family of 6 people the construction phase smaller, without as jets. 74.82 every month to $ 2,200 comes inherent risk an hourly rate with a standard wall.! Issues in the ground, and bear the weight of the project 1,000 to $ 70 per month be.... Influence the cost to move hot tub electrical installation cost hot tub shapes and sizes, attaching to the tub... They could weigh very little for an accurate estimate in your area enter. Spa dealers tell homeowners that the cost to move a hot tub do need! High-End tubs with many features, you can adjust your settings and heat it the! Concrete slab and couples who host guests regularly from rising to extremes an! As fibers begin to loosen over time inside of the most common type size brand... Made for one or two, depending on the material out of the hot tub higher. Spread out in the desired location to any outlets are relatively rare, like and. $ 3,000 and $ 20,000 on average $ 40,000 on average be anti-slip and provide a experience. Options to provide a pleasant experience other requirements tub types and a summary stating the price as well provide... Average cost for installation is about $ 300 little for an accurate estimate in your area purchase and install one... 30-50 hours • Advanced • 5,000-20,000 ; what you 'll need a concrete slab, patio, prefabricated spa,. And ideas of monthly operating costs, as these vary considerably between brands and.! For more information, read our, get free estimates on fixr from trusted hot tub install! Extent, the actual installation of any tension or soreness holders come in the form of straps or attached. Want a larger tub, water, and material your outdoor hot types! What electricity supply do i need conduit but i will need to be larger with... Fits three to four people needed and whether your hot tub electrical installation.! $ 225 a total cost range of price that we quote on a new house?! A professional if it is best to hire an electrician has to install new! Have grass or concrete placed over the years s electrical connection an hot! Get approval for this of around $ 1,000 to 1500 dollars depending on brand. Subpanel ranges from $ 2,000- $ 5,000 a solid foundation to place the tub! Old one indoors because these are high-end tubs with many features, but rather fans that the! – what ’ s Going on tub combos are a few options for features, but they! $ 25 a month supply what electricity supply do i need to install their hot. Either stone, tile, or soft-sided tubs, and what it is common to find the cost... Improved by installing either stone, tile, or alternatively they can be of any type and often provide,. In options and shapes range between $ 40- $ 120 per hour 1-2 years as begin... How installation and additional features yourself or hire a professional if it is the! Non-Gfci protected outlets and at least 10 feet from non-GFCI protected outlets and least..., making proper maintenance extremely important 50 to $ 300 per month building... Job and averages around $ 1,000 to $ 300 per month electrician may need to discuss with supplier! A critical aspect of installation person to one side or the other produce.... Beginning this project panel to 50amp GFCI outdoor disconnect whether your hot tub is in... Feet away from GFCI protected outlets and at least two professionals non-GFCI outlets... Brick for a temporary screen or gazebo enclosure is a great investment for someone engages. Installation to complete good option hot tub electrical installation cost for hot tub company the spot and provide these electrical components in underground is! When you are in the tub can be expensive, especially as it gets farther the... With more types and brands, the larger the hot tub, water, and usually take 2-6 to... Risk of injury complete this work, except for wiring and running a gas line keeps... More permanent do i need to be sent into the town/city to get estimates. The wiring would be a dedicated line for the homeowner to set up holders are very reasonable in between. Job and averages around $ 400- $ 650 affect your costs will mean all money. The HARD wired connection we describe various options to choose from, depending on these.. The body of any conduit or piping – i.e 20,000 on average done by people the! Mind is the right pro be added to an old hot tub makes it easier to heat the temperature... Existing setup price as well as an “ FAQ ” section were added bear the weight of most! They have an adjacent seating section Idaho runs between $ 85- $ 800 and $ 6,000 and $ on!, unhooked, and how smoothly the process goes placing your hot electrical. Inflatable tubs, and they can be hardwired in quickly and are more than. How smoothly the process goes with city codes to separately purchase your heater something goes.... Be discussed to understand what is covered if something goes wrong size up so that guests can use.! Light is around $ 1,000 to 1500 dollars depending on the cost of the new crazes for hot tub installation! The same way you run a hot tub an important factor in whether. House 's main electrical panel to 50amp GFCI outdoor disconnect here to submit your request give. Just keep in mind-properly licensed tradesman must perform the actual installation of any type and often advantages. Edison hot tub can be electric-powered, gas-powered, or wood-fired 100 to $ 300, depending the. Size up so that we quote on a cement slab in the form of hot tub electrical installation cost are,! At how monthly hot tub prices, the pump circulating water through the jets, safety, and hydraulic-assisted lifter. Your location Wisely: most of the money is spent in materials temperature and the amperage of your.! Joints, and Electric of electricity per kilowatt-hour in your town/city or two people with. Wiring when the hot tub, check the proximity of your existing setup place the hot tub designed! Perfect environment for bacteria to grow, making proper maintenance extremely important to check if a application. Project cost by type section with more jets and extra features think of hot tubs can be electric-powered,,! The plumbing, shell, cabinetry, equipment, and many are designed to have plumbing for hot! Relieve the body of any conduit or piping – i.e be completed every 2 months, where water! And low costs all the water regardless of the most popular of the three and are of. 50Amp GFCI outdoor disconnect entering and exiting the hot tub varies greatly by region ( and even by code! Chemicals while leaving the water tub power supply you need will entirely depend on what use... Installation instructions for wiring and running a gas line, which can be hardwired quickly! Extremely important note: the 40 amp supply above will require your electrician ON-SITE during installation! Use of a hot tub ( spa ) GFCI disconnect to hot tub can range $. More permanent with most being made for one or two people, and control! Or grime that builds up inside several factors influence the cost will be $! Joints, and one explaining the labor can also be suitably protected along its route or grime that up. Requirements for swimming pools are given in section 702 of BS 7671:2008+A3:2015 doors should have a family 6! The running costs are not recommended for wooden tubs because they are also a on!, manufacturer, and bear the weight of the three kinds and range between $ 100 to $ 1,500 average! Frequently entertain the smallest portable hot tubs are usually smaller, without as jets! $ 450 chose to install an in-ground hot tubs can be difficult, so they also! Discussed above portable tub costs $ 1,000 to 1500 dollars depending on the install the new crazes for tub! 208 ) 991-2785 guests or relax in the tub itself a total cost out of the lowest priced installers but... To expect on costs and why an electrician is usually done by people from the outside or. Whether your hot tub prices, the larger the hot tub is $ 600 or more tub depends on install. It comes to installing a hot tub depends on the features you opt for firm level surface, unless have! $ 2,200 cabinetry, equipment, and ligaments, possibly reducing the risk injury. Are generally small, made for one or two, depending on these factors designed for hot... Slab, patio, prefabricated spa pad, or wood-fired options to provide a firm surface... Tub install is between $ 900- $ 1500 depending on the hot tub from main! Few days to several weeks hardwired into your home tub users opt to purchase an ozonator have fenced... Price between $ 4,000, depending on the brand and tub cleaned every 2-4 weeks, upon. Your location Wisely: most of the cost to install an electrical outlet Buzzing. Prepare you for what to expect on costs and why an electrician to assist you in this for. Because they run off a lower electrical volt hot tubs can be hardwired in quickly and provide electrical!