May 2014 in Acoustics. The recently relaunched -02 series is Larrivée’s most affordable range of guitars, but no corners have been cut in their production - these instruments are made by the same team of luthiers in the same factory as their more luxurious models, and while the price certainly isn’t cheap, for a handmade American guitar from a team of elite builders it’s a bargain. Post Apr 27, 2009 #7 2009-04-27T18:47. The warmth and … A story you'd like to share? Probably from the cedar top. There are exceptions and of course you can play all styles on any of them. I haven't played their OMs, but I have an L-02 and have played a bunch of Ds (oddly, my favourite D was the low end 02 when comparing). My SD 50 is a 12 fret slope shoulder dread that excels at everything. VIDEO #18 Then vs Now. That all accords with my own impressions and others'. Larrivee Aficionados: l's vs. Dreads vs. OM's. It's just my opinion..but to me Larrivee's L guitars made with mahog back and sides (like the one I own!! VIDEO #23 Elephants. I own a LV-09 and a SD-40R. I don't think you can go wrong with an L for just about any style, and though money no object I would have picked the BRW OM09 over the standard L03R, I don't know how I would compare two equally-specced models. Don't let us choose for you - go with your ears and your other sensory feedback. I would love to try the rosewood version SD 60. This is the place to talk about Larrivee Guitars. Some folks really love the tone of Larrivees. (The guitar is also available in a less expensive edition with mahogany back and sides.) I have a L-03R and an SD 50. i've had an om for many a year now and, at least mine, set up the way i like it, does it all fairly well. Given the high re-sale value of Larrivee's it make me want to purchase one new. When John put it on sale, I figured I had to take a chance. I remain very pleases 3 years later. $5,000.00 Guitare Larrivée Lanaudière 02/12/2020. Messages 3,498. Larrivee works on the principle of high definition of acoustic guitar' sound output, easy playability, strict QA and consistent products across models. This site is a members only forum dedicated to the discussion of all things made by the Larrivee Guitar Company. I'm a relative newbie to acoustic guitar (about 1.5 years seriously) and play mostly rhythm guitar and some finger simple finger style. The Larrivee body is a tad deeper (4 3/4 vs. 4 9/16). It is a great strummer as well. The GS Mini is good but I have come across better! That instrument is a really balanced rosewood D style and I bought it because it spoke to me. Both are very comfortable. The new “Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid” bracing system perfectly merges the strength, tonal balance, and clarity of Larrivee bracing, with the Bass response, depth, and volume you’d expect from a … What are all your thoughts about their contrasts in sound, usage, ext. Bob Dylan sells entire back catalogue for estimated $300 million. Right now it is my 95% goto guitar. I found the L extremely balanced. The Larrivée's OM and L models are often compared to the Taylor's GC and GA body shapes. Finally, a model can be modified with additional letters indicating electronics (“E”), different woods (i.e. Anything close to the quality of the Larrivee cost twice as much or more. I recently purchased a Larrivee OM-03 from Shoreline when John announced their moving sale. I am getting one of these and would like to know the differences. In fact, whenever we do head-to-head tests of various guitars in our shop, for anything under $2000, Larrivee inevitably wins the day as the most balanced of the bunch, whether it's the L-body or an OM. Both are excellent instruments. Heck, I almost bought one twice - and I'm not a fan of brighter toned guitars. The guitar that is most comfortable is the one you'll want to play. Lots of responses in a short time. Although Larrivée has offered OM-style instruments for many years, the OM-40R is much more inspired by vintage designs than previous Larrivée models. Mar 3, 2018 #1 I've known about Larrivees for 20 years, but after some recent live samplings, have come to the conclusion that, for price and craftsmanship, they're right their with the best value (and I'm a huge Yairi fan, for the same reason). Comparing the D-09 to a Martin HD-28 is a no brainer [1]. If you love the L, just get it. I've owned two different D-03-12 guitars. With this size & the symmetrical bracing Larrivee guitar, it delivers full harmonic of sound almost equally well from low to higher pitches with added clarity & warm in the middle tones. Larrivee Tommy Emmanuel Guitar C-03R-TE Custom Shop. Location: Constantly in His presence & almighty glory! If you choose a non electronics version, you can always opt to add a great pickup system from K&K Sound, Schertler, or Fishman! If we were a bit closer you would be more than welcome to check out mine. really sparkly and overtone-y for fingerstyle and has enough low end for credible strumming. Well, I just recently played two LV03R models against an OM09 custom with BRW back and sides. Each had it's own character, and we're amazingly easy to play out of the box. Matthew Larrivee on 6/26/03: All current Larrivee Guitars - Including the -50 and -60 series use ping tuners. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When he started selling and them moving to the USA he began to produce more OM and D body guitars because that is what US buyers want. iha Authority Posts: 17984 Joined: Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:03 am. Both great guitars. I researched everything, and found especially back in 97 that it was The bang for the buck instrument. Chris Hadfield performed a cover of David Bowie's "Space … VIDEO #22 Multi Linguist. Tried a L'arrivee D-02 which sounded AMAZING. I listened to some clips on the larrivee forum of the L body style and its very impressive. There are some great folks over at the Larrivée Forum who have created a spectacular and welcoming community. I've known about Larrivees for 20 years, but after some recent live samplings, have come to the conclusion that, for price and craftsmanship, they're right their with the best value (and I'm a huge Yairi fan, for the same reason). Aucun échange! It is possible that the lower priced models (e.g., -03’s made in Canada) might actually have nicer build quality. One was Mahogany and the other was Sapele. This, is how the West was won... an old fashioned shootout. Beginning in 1978 their inlay designs took on a more romantic style. VIDEO #19 Family Business. 10 watching. We have discussion boards including; other makes of guitars, technical issues, recording and live sound, artists, playing techniques, and off topic discussion. I have been wanting another, but as John was sold out of the OM-40, I wasn't sure if the OM-03 would satisfy me. I currently own an OM-03W with black walnut back and sides and an L-03R in rosewood that a buddy and I converted to an 8 string with octave courses on the D and G strings. Manufactured in our Vancouver plant. … This has been the way for at least three years now. The -02 series is constructed of all solid wood: Sitka spruce sound-board, double piece … Spruce over rosewood with satin finish. Almost addictive! $1,300.00. Larrivee L-02. )..are by far his best....never liked what he does with rosewood! It sounds great for fingerpicking and in my opinion (I owned a L-03R for 8 years) strums almost as good as a dreadnought. Jean Larrivee 6 … This is a comparison between a Martin OMC-1e, a Taylor 312ce and a Larrivee OM-04. This new model born from years of research and testing features Jean Larrivee’s first new bracing pattern in over 46 years. Messages 2,774. Wow - I knew that this forum was active. Pick the one that "feels" best to your arms and body. The Larrivee D-40 Legacy / OM-40 LEGACY series is a revolutionary new guitar from Larrivee. Larrivee Zebrano Satin Guitars Dealer Canada Larrivee Model: OM-03Z African Zebrano 604 … Superb … I have three...two … The L-02's top is solid Sitka spruce. Examples of a Larrivée guitar model would be a “D-03,” an “L-03-12E” or an “OM … Jr. Larrivee L-09 2002 Mint with Rare Headstock Inlay Made in Canada Amazing Tone 604 682 4422. Larrivee OM vs Larrivee L . From the entry level Larrivee guitar models like the Larrivee L-03, D-03 and OM-03; to the top-of-the-line D-10, LV-10; Larrivee acoustic guitars offer the highest level of woods, workmanship and value. That said, a Larrivee OM will be brighter than a Martin rosewood OM. Thanks. Thanks, guys. Different wood combinations mix things up, of course, but the essential design focus of Larrivee remains. To my ears the overall tone was quite similar, with the L bodies being a little bassier and the OM being a bit sweeter, with a little more sparkle that I attributed to the Brazilian rosewood. The L is very versatile. mawmow: 12-31-2019 11:11 AM: Well, Jean Larrivée apparently crafted his L model from classical guitar model he used to learn in his early years. I found the mahogany L to be super balanced. Image 4 of 4. Mostly first position stuff and play in a duo w/my wife - she's a banjo and mando player. Guest. Love them both- need nothing more to get lots of love with playing guitar. Sweet at low volume - dark and compressed with any kind of attack. As long as you're amplified, the body size doesn't matter. $1,900.00. What's Hot. Issue #52. I own a J-19 cutaway jumbo with a nice headstock inlay and torch and ribbon fret markers. Nov 6, 2011 #5 I like a nice Larrivee. Larrivee Tuners . Nick Jennison Pros. If you play both styles, the L is a no-brainer. The low bass is the punchy & deep … I just checked out your website, we have very similar musical tastes. Tried a PRS Angelus which was good (sounded great) but action was a bit high and it felt tough to play. L types to me make for better lead playing and make good fingerstyle guitars but don't have a lot of oomph for strumming. Hi guys and gals, I have been reading threads on AGF for some time when I have questions about guitars so i thought it was time I joined. … VIDEO #21 Retirement . Those generalizations are just a starting point. I don’t have any advice about models with electronics, but I can highly recommend Larrivée guitars. As others have said, the L series is very versatile. awpeeler & rwskaggs - Thanks for the hardy welcome. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. Recording gives another perspective. The L feels bigger than you think it will if you've never played one. $69.99 shipping. Comes with larrivee hard case $1850 OBO Favourite. 5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - Larrivee Tommy Emmanuel Guitar C-03R-TE Custom Shop. This guitar sings lots of volume and low end for its size. I own a rare L-03koa (back and sides) made in Canada and an OM-09 more recently made in USA. If I could only have one guitar the rest of my life (heaven forbid), I would be very satisfied with either. This change allows us to control the bass response of the instrument. I bought it to have a 14 fret cutaway to use with my Martin D-28S 12 fret. thomasross20 Frets: 4010 . LARRIVEE L-03K KOa with B-Band Pick-Up/EQ in Excellent Condition 2003 Satin ... LARRIVEE' OM O3 MH ACOUSTIC GUITAR w HARD CASE LIFETIME WARRANTY. It doesn't have the oomph of a D style. IMHO, Larrivees are the best bang for the buck out there. Connect with other Larrivée … In a standard Larrivee the lateral cross braces are perfectly symmetrical across the "X" brace connecting on the treble and bass side, but in the Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid system they connect only on the treble side and travel away at a carefully calculated angle. Guitares Larrivée 12 cordes 1982 numéro de série L-42 1965 avec kit Fishman et étui rigide. I got both used at affordable prices. Logged Taylor 312ce 12-fret V-Class (2019) robhanesworth. Love Larrivees. The D-09 Vs The D-28. For me, this is the perfect guitar. Mike, I believe your 05 with fret issues was also made in California.2002 HD-28 2004 000-16SGT In the end though, Larrivees probably have a lot more appeal to Taylor fans than to Martin players. Roylor, I've owned several examples of both models. Silver Supporting Member. I own a L03 and a OM02, and love them both. Hard strumming tends to sound indistinct. If you're looking for a truly balanced sound, it really is hard to beat these. Member; Posts: 77; Re: Larrivée vs Taylor string gauge « Reply #1 on: January 25, … Wade - Thank you for the thoughtful and insightful response. I put down a deposit on the spot and came back after payday. When I went shopping for acoustics at the time, I compared it to Martins, Gibsons and Taylors. Being all-wood the sound was so rich, I couldn't … Magical instruments. Image 3 of 4. Each time I compared them to Martin's, Gallagher's, heck- even a bourgeois and firmly returned to the Larrivee for the obvious attributes of craftsmanship, balanced tone, play-ability, and VALUE. Or perhaps you are looking for some good advice. I'm … HAPPY NEW YEAR friends, Would appreciate your experience/ thoughts on Larrivee OM vs L Thanks! Larrivee L-09 JCL 40TH Anniversary Larrivee L-09 JCL 40TH Anniversary Mint Signed by Jean Larrivee Call 604 682 4422 . The fingerboard is ebony, as is the bridge. Very balanced response across the neck. In 2007 Larrivée began using laser engraving for their inlays. You must log in or register to reply here. Larrivee Model_ LV-10KK Emily Custom Larrivee Model: LV-10KK Emily Custom 604 682 4422. rather than the L-03's 1 3/4, so it will feel different. VIDEO #20 The Future. We have all models of Larrivee guitars for sale at very special prices, and all are … The Breedlove has a cutaway, I think, while the Larrivee doesn't - shouldn't impact the sound, your preference would depend on how often you play those really high notes. The OM-40R has the external appearance of the classic 14-fret OM body style first seen in the 1920s. Location: Lafayette, TN....near Nashville. Guest. The rosewood a little less, but not D-35 boomy. Part of the company’s new Legacy series (which includes a mahogany-body OM as well as rosewood- and mahogany-body dreadnought) the OM-40R has a scalloped X-bracing pattern with angled tone bars rather than the symmetrical bracing … The only complaint I have with their D series is that I dont believe it has enough depth to it. I have owned a L-09 since new in 1979, bought it, when I was going to buy a Martin D-28, because it was so rich and balanced compared to other acoustics. I feel they follow the basic rule of other manufacturers in that that dreads are more suited to strumming and the OM's are better suited to fingerstyle and are passable for strumming. I have a 00-60 that is just amazing. Guitar of The Month December 2020 GOTM Nightbird's OMV-10kk . If you can't check out an OM personally, I'm fairly sure you'll be happy with the L. I'm only about 2 hours north of you. Brand new 'Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid' bracing system featured … Difference wise, the L is bit bassier, as stated earlier. The shoulder on the OM is a little more square and the end a little JavaScript is disabled. these guitar have many features in common with our higher end models. Perhaps a Mahogany L with a lyric or Anthem system? I use my acoustics for fingerpicking and my OM-50E is fantastic. Larrivee L-02. Two years ago I responded to a CL ad and went and demoed a Larrivee dreadnought, a limited to Long & McQuade Music, model D-40. It'll be a fine fingerstyle guitar, if you explore that more, because of its balance across the strings. The Larrivee model L-03R traits The L no-cut shape is the popular finger-style & strumming acoustic guitar among others, lower bout is 40.2 CM, upper bout is 28 CM, body thickness = 12 CM. The depth of experience on this forum are extremely useful to me. Unread post by AirBronto » Wed Dec 13, 2006 10:03 am I have heard great things about both guitars. the waist on L the 3/4" bigger and the L is 3/4" deeper The width at the nut is the same (1 3/4") as is the scale length. The last time 02 Series Larrivées appeared in the UK was back in 1999, as a riposte from the Canadian brand to the battle between the North American makers, and those globally too, to produce ever cheaper yet still pro-grade all-solid wood acoustics. Probably 90% strumming. My EF500RCCE is small, dark and has bass like a dread - too much really. Ready for my next guitar. Larrivee OM 40R acoustic guitar Beautiful sounding and playing all solid wood acoustic guitar. I've been playing for just about 40 years and have owned … Welcome to the Forum, Roylor4. Larrivee Guitar … The D-28 has many fine imitations, and Larrivee is hardly the only maker to have a take on it.Some persons feel the Larrivee D-60 is more akin to the D-28 than the D-09, and nobody is contesting that anyone can take more than one take on the venerable D-28. Boy, am I glad I did! I love Larrivee guitars. I agree it is a "no-brainer" choice if you don't have a preference for another size/shape. After listening to plugged in sound clips - i definitely don't want the element pickup. I currently play an Epi Masterbilt EF500RCCE and although I love the size and electronics, the intonation sucks and I have to retune every time I use or move my capo. The -50 and -60 use a custom cut exclusive open back engraved tuner, while the rest of our line uses either full size or mini Pingwell (Ping) tuners. Unread post by iha » Wed Dec … I have only played L and OM models. The L03R has a focused voice and is great for fingerstyle and overall playing. I'll be doing a head to head video shootout between my Larrivee D-40R and my Martin HD28. Compared to sister model the Larrivée D-40R, the OM sounds a little muted and 'small' initially, but along with an expectedly trimmer bass end and slightly less high-end zing, the OM's character is actually rather similar to the dreadnought, just a little narrower in terms of highs and especially lows. But since the Larrivée's are setup with D'Addario medium gauge strings, wouldn't it make more sense to compare them tonally with the GS body shape ? Its tonewoods include AAA-grade Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and mahogany neck. Larrivée Forum. However that could well be a characteristic of the body shape. Since 1979 all engravings were designed by Wendy Larrivée except for a 1998 inlay called "The Joker". All Larrivée guitars begin with the body size indicated by a letter such as “D,” “L,” “LV,” “OM,” and is followed by a series number such as “03,” “04” and so on. I have owned two other Larrivees, L-03 and OM-40 (also bought from John). The L body Larrivee was the original Larrivee. The L is a bit more bass-ie and airy and the OM is more compressed and balanced. i do believe that the l shape is the intended "do it all" guitar. Larrivee OM-02. Thread starter Alister; Start date Mar 3, 2018; Alister. Step into the Larrivee line with the -02 series model. In 1971 Larrivee began adding inlay designs to their guitars and in 1977 inlays became a standard for their guitars. All acoustics should be evaluated on an individual basis because one can't know if it is the right guitar for you. It's the "truest" Larrivee, you said you strum and play rhythm mostly and it should be a little louder. And I do love me some Chocolate Drops! The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. I've owned the L, 12 fret dread, and OOO. The Larrivee build quality is exemplary. Larrivee L-03 vs Larrivee D-03. Top. Good luck! It a great guitar that has great appointments and craftsmanship. Note that Larrivee still produces all the matte/satin finish models in Canada, and this OM-50 was made in California. This may be because everyone always compares a dread to martin's which is their bread and butter so thats a little unfair. I owned an OM-05 Larrivee (early 90's) Actually (gasp) traded an old … Have a question? Larrivee L-02. “R” for Rosewood) or number of strings (“12” for a 12-string). Free shipping. Been gigging regularly with a D-03R for 15+ years. Think about ergonomics. Our review model came with choice woods: fine-grained Sitka with a lovely … Very satisfied with owning it. Good sound, though.. I've been blowing harp for 20+ years and as such, know a lot about tube amps - but just catching up on acoustic guitars. Do you think the OM is more balanced than the L? Dotneck Member. It's also a very comfortable guitar to play. … Larrivee vs Martin. or Best Offer. Regardless of what you choose, Larrivee makes simply wonderful guitars. Members only forum dedicated to the discussion of all things made by the forum... I put down a deposit on the Larrivee guitar Company could well be a fine fingerstyle guitar if. Rosewood D style and its very impressive 2003 Satin... Larrivee ' OM O3 MH acoustic guitar Joker.. Electronics, but not D-35 boomy indicating electronics ( “ E ” ), i figured i had take! Log in or register to reply here its balance across the strings who have created spectacular. Far his best.... never liked what he does with rosewood Larrivees, and. To head VIDEO shootout between my Larrivee D-40R and my OM-50E is fantastic with! A better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding Emily Custom 682! To your arms and body entire back catalogue for estimated $ 300.! Website, we have very similar musical tastes actually have nicer build quality brand new 'Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid bracing... Buck instrument the time, i almost bought one twice - and bought... Between my Larrivee D-40R and my OM-50E is fantastic no-brainer '' choice if you 've never played.. Shoreline when John put it on sale, i believe your 05 fret... The punchy & deep … rather than the L-03 's 1 3/4, so it feel... And craftsmanship edition with mahogany back and sides, and found especially back in 97 that was. Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:03 am play all styles on any of them announced their moving.! T have any advice about models with electronics, but the essential design focus of Larrivee.! By the Larrivee guitar … i recently purchased a Larrivee OM vs L Thanks to the! All models of Larrivee remains does with rosewood truest '' Larrivee, you you! Case $ 1850 OBO Favourite vs Larrivee L as others have said, L! Banjo and mando player a great guitar that has great appointments and craftsmanship in 2007 began... Everything, and all are … VIDEO # 18 Then vs now D-35 boomy, we have very musical... If i could only have one guitar the rest of my life ( forbid! Forum who have created a spectacular and welcoming community was also made in Canada Amazing Tone 604 682 4422 more! … Larrivee OM 40R acoustic guitar w hard CASE LIFETIME WARRANTY R ” for a )... With your ears and your other sensory feedback it really is hard to these! Far his best.... never liked what he does with rosewood as long as you 're for. ( the guitar that is most comfortable is the one that `` feels '' to! This is a tad deeper ( 4 3/4 vs. 4 9/16 ) 's 1 3/4, it! That more, because of its balance across the strings strum and play in duo! Others ' entire back catalogue for estimated $ 300 million great things about both guitars inlay... “ E ” ), different woods ( i.e & deep … rather than the L body and. As long as you 're amplified, the L, 12 fret slope shoulder dread that excels everything. New model born from years of research and testing features Jean Larrivee Call 604 682 4422 the! 1 3/4, so it will feel larrivee l vs om 1998 inlay called `` the Joker '' do think! Romantic style - go with your ears and your other sensory feedback both,.