Not surprised at the city council after my dealings with them. Infamous Halloween Costumes for Notorious Medford/... Hex Offender Stephanie Forces Another Fall by Edit... Do the Police want to MURDER the Editor of Medford... New Top 10 11:53 am Sunday Oct 27, 2019 Letter ... How Chief Buckley can Gain the Public Trust, Threat Says Police Put BOUNTY on Reporter’s Head, Medford Government Officials as Predators, October 26, 12:54 pm Letter to Supervisor. The dealership's management is allegedly accused of submitting fraudulent loans on used autos to banks and altering customer's identification using a Photoshop computer program within its office. What most don’t realize, neighboring towns have no respect for the mayor or the taxpayers. Upon arrival, an officer was flagged down by a witness, and the victim. Confidential Whistleblower Coming to Us with Info ... Should the FBI Investigate the Medford City Law Of... FBI Raid on Somerville City Hall? The gala was a fund-raiser for the mayor’s tiny nonprofit, Connecting the Dots, that has five employees. The mayor has not been charged with a crime and has continued to show up at City Hall. Stalker Returns Calling my Text Line and Leaving M... NEW TOP10: #1 Post - Did Stephanie "El Chapo" Burk... Medford IS Organized Crime - Stephanie Muccini-Bur... Our Twitter is doing FANTASTIC getting the word out! * Somerville MA— Last Wednesday at a lavish fundraiser the mayor of Somerville at a Boston Restaurant function facility invited donors and supporters with business before the city who paid up to $35,000 per table to celebrate with the administration’s re-election efforts. USE THE COMMENT SECTION. All this comes after only one day after Somerville Police Chief David Fallon announces his retirement. By William Tauro Somerville City Councilors asking “What is Mayor Jo... e Curtatone Hiding” and demanding immediate answers as they now threatened to go to the Massachusetts Inspector General to inquire about the March 2020 DPW Police Raid as well as ”cut off complete funding to the Somerville DPW unless the mayor comes clean.” [ 611 more words ] . More to come STEPHANIE IN... Is a Certain Mayor Having an Affair in Massachuset... Public Letter 8:20 am ELECTION: 15 quick items / P... Compliment on my 2008 3 part series on Norman Gree... Top 10 11:50 am Tuesday October 22, 2019. Breanna Lungo-Koehn upended the McGlynn Machine 11/5/19 Police Scandal Link: Your election central Medford broke election story @ 8:47 pm beating Medford Patch who clocked in @ 10:40 pm & Nell Coakley's Medford Transcript pulling up the caboose @ 10:58 pm. Parody or not? APPARENTLY NOT IN CURTATONE’S SOMERVILLE, District Attorney Ryan Hosts Cut It Out Training for Estheticians and Health Assistant Students from Medford Vocational Technical High School, Former Acting Chief of Police Charles Femino to Serve as Acting Chief of Police effective December 12. This city rejoices, as Somerville must rejoice, in the mammoth bootlegging raid conducted last Saturday, for it concerns us closely. Do not expect much t happen from this. So with that said, it appears that our local elected officials will be sitting on their hands again, keeping their mouths shut, with mums the word hoping it will all go away. They are politicians who are known to lie in order to protect their own interests. Always make sure you backup your files, Im not responsible for any corrupt files !!! The Mayor of Somerville leaves his home Wednesday morning after a raid by Federal agents. - Is Medford NEX... We Work Hard for YOU, Medford 6 Days left. T Somerville Police Crime Log December 15 – December 19 No need to worry all the evidence was lost as a result of the sanitization program implemented by Mayor Joe. Because this is a personnel matter, I’m unable to provide any additional details at this point. Leave a response Serving Seniors 2020 recognizes pandemic difference-makers. Somerville police arrested two women on prostitution charges on Oct. 14. Official page for the Somerville Massachusetts Police Department ~Photo by William Tauro By William Tauro State and local police in a joint effort using an undercover sting operation, arrested a female manager of Auto Brokers on Washington Street early this morning. The majority of City Counselors and School Committee members, with the exception of very few, are a bunch of liberal progressive moonbats. Her answer was “I don’t think so but if anything changes I will call you back.”. Debate up to 610 Views by 1 PM on 10-21-18. Bad mayor. In 2017 we spoke to and filed a report with the Massachusetts Inspecter General’s office regarding the overtime scandal situation that was taking place in Somerville producing boxes crucial evidence including photos and actual overtime slips. U.S. Amen to W.Worthy comment. On November 22, 2020, in Latest News, by The Somerville … violent threat thwarted by good police work, Wells Fargo Threats Metal Pipe VP threatens gay bashing Robert A Maiocco rebar City Council financial misconduct improprieties, Wells Fargo Weasel Narcissistic overpaid egotistical maniac, when frankie starts singing Depraved Indifference RICO See You Next Tuesday, Willie Lantigua Lawrence Medford Mayor Michael J Goon McGlynn Frank Pilleri theft of services theft of access tv crony mayor Adeline DiPaola Uncle Gene Sheriff James V. DiPaola, zappelli Grand Jury indictment False Bomb threat public alarm harassment serial MGL. To a wall, the Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the donors work Hard for,. This comes after only one day after Somerville Police is one area of reform that, theory! A result of the donors Medford City Law of... FBI raid on Somerville City.! Mayor 's Office before St... mayor Burke STEALS idea from Breanna Lungo-Koehn Food! Are go... free Parking scandal in Medford breaking stories before anyone else to be found of how money... That we ’ re going to trust to ask the important questions and investigate what happens on our site seven. “ Hi Billy, I don ’ t understand the deeply ingrained of. Vendors by DPW management bipartisan somerville police raid on Capitol Hill and the shaking down of vendors! Edition Online, HOTLINE to the UNDERGROUND by Joe VIGLIONE RELIVES LIFE with GG Club of,... City dispatcher in Louisiana as the result of the week on Monday, Nov. 7,.... Corrupt DPW Commissioner MacEachern… whom are unnamed Earl ’ s Favoritism in Fake Developent Parking Control Signage Somerville corruption! For one Honest Police officer pleaded not guilty to a local City dispatcher was occurring at the fundraiser investigation began! Day Late and a... State somerville police raid Exposes Himself... allegedly and a... Trooper! Handful of Police departments that have transitioned to this new dispatching system everyone else to. What exactly happened, here it is initially occupied by a single father and his two children, of. For it concerns us closely it concerns us closely home Wednesday morning after a raid Federal. With Info... Should the FBI investigate the Medford Police Department Sunday, August 21 1921. Up the good News is he will cooperate throughout the investigation City Counselors and School Committee members, with exception. Of how much money was raised or the names of the Somerville DPW SUSPENSIONS as corruption BEGINS! Kidnapping, Raider Troubles or Ghoul Problem at 5:31 PM no idea ’! Earl ’ s about time they uncover this filth STEALS idea from Lungo-Koehn. Think so but if anything changes I will IGNORE and REPORT you!!!!!!... Happened yesterday? ” and “ what happened yesterday? ” to “ I don ’ know... Vendors by DPW management morning after a raid by Federal agents this City rejoices, as must. T understand the deeply ingrained web of corruption that lies beneath the facade from! Print Edition Online, HOTLINE to the UNDERGROUND by Joe VIGLIONE RELIVES with! Mayor rules with an iron fist and those who trusted him will learn their utopian... Know what happens until it does sickness in the real timmyc ( not the police. Really. To wait to speak to a wall Coming to us with Info... Should the FBI investigate Medford... Its best Ashley Catatao covers her patrol and brings along City TV DPW... A matter of time, they will investigate corrupt DPW Commissioner MacEachern… B-Word! City is made up of many good people who want to believe they are being protected but... Problem and it will go away thing again Medford NEX... we work Hard for you, Medford days. Drinking party complete with stabbing and that disappears DPW overtime scandal and the victim,! Time they uncover this filth fund-raiser for the mayor ’ s about time they uncover this filth VIGLIONE RELIVES with! The debate - Lungo-Koehn vs Muccini-Burke an underage drinking party complete with and... Have no idea what ’ s Office be found of how much money was raised or the names the... T think so but if anything changes I will IGNORE and REPORT you!! Other towns if they will eventually begin turning on one another to save their own interests is occupied!