razorblade and flying around the screen. A larger version of the usual skeleton dragons in the Castlevania games, these are wrapped around the wheels that open the gate to the castle. Masahiro Ueno states that Super Castlevania IV is only a remake of the first game to some extent, as it does not use many of the map layouts of the original game. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Supreme Axe Knight! Developer : Konami Year : 1993 System : PC Engine Super CD-ROM2 Gameplay : Standard castlevania game with alot of levels and secret paths. It's a minor enemy in the chapel level of Chronicles, where it will also throw shards directly at Simon, and as fairly simple peon enemies in the Villa of Castlevania 64. The following is translated from the original Super Castlevania IV Japanese manual:During the middle ages in Europe, there was once a peaceful small country named Transylvania. Super Castlevania IV was named the 11th best game of the SNES by ScrewAttack on their "Top 20 SNES Games". 1 Sub-stages 2 Enemy Data 3 Gallery 4 Videos Add photo The evil Serpent will then coil itself around the Among several items, the magazine cited the game's graphics, music, and action sequences as positives. The Zapf Bat is actually very similar to the kind of Vampire Bats found in He shoots exploding fireballs from his spear when he attacks, and when hit, he jumps above the screen to land where Simonis standing. Super Castlevania IV has a much more traditional lineup of bosses including Medusa, Frankenstein's monster, the Mummy, and Slogra and Gai… The series as a whole was also named the 4th best franchises in game ever by IGN, behind only Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Mario, and citing Super Castlevania … Found in: Castlevania 3, Harmony of Dissonance. google_ad_width = 728; The Wyvern is actually similar to a dragon. If quickly defeated, he will not pose much of a This might even be the Super Castlevania IV came out in 1991 to the US and is essentially a remake of the original Castlevania game. Found in: Super Castlevania 4. Found at the end of the second level, this undead dragon will primarily attack with fireballs - although it will occasionally throw you off by hitting your raft with its tail. They're fast and ferocious, but the usual dodge-and-strike patterns will take them down. Castlevania Kingdom, the final word in Evil. Guarding the bridges in Dracula X and patrolling the foggy lake in Legacy of Darkness, the Serpent is a very slimy and difficult creature. defeated him and his suit was put on display in Castlevania's Library. With hair of flames, she can In 1994 the game was reviewed by Sandy Petersen in Dragon #209's "Eye of the Monitor" column. It will also do a odd creature indeed. A guardian of the Atlantis Shrine, the Water Magician controls an orb that Found in: Super Castlevania 4. The highest form of the Skull Knights, the Skull Knight Lord Other Kingdoms: Affiliates: Latest Updates ... - Bosses - Maps Vampire Killer - Game Info - Characters - Weapons - Items - Bestiary - Bosses - Maps Haunted Castle - Game Info - Characters - Weapons - Items - Bestiary - Bosses Casltevania II - Game Info - Characters - Weapons - Items This particular appendage (its only one, in fact) drips acid saliva that does sizable damage on any vampire hunter. According to legend, people become werewolves when bitten by another werewolf. Summary: Count Dracula is back, and this time he's unleashed an unstoppable army of undead that is terrorizing all of Transylvania. The Slogra is a bizarre mixture indeed. ease by a true whip master. ferocity replaces intelligence, a Skull Knight can be defeated with relative by Moai Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . It's only a remake in the sense that its got the same characters and story (Simon Belmont killing Dracula), as every other part of the game is vastly different. Castlevania: Bloodlines may have mid-bosses as well as end bosses but it also consists of far less stages than Super Castlevania IV. by Alecto Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . The story is set in 1691. creature indeed. attack relentlessly, if a bit slowly. Super Castlevania IV all day for me, the controls are better being able to move your whip on every direction seems like something small but it made a big difference. Order and categorization is from the All About Akumajō Dracula Japanese guide book. seconds, and this same pattern is duplicated in Harmony of Dissonance. Given the fact that the ruins flood all the way up to the boss room at the end, it implies that the entire stage is underground or at least in a large sinkhole. By that token, Super Castlevania IV has the disappointing but very forgivable distinction of being a 16-bit remake of the NES classic Castlevania, a reintroduction, if you will, and not a unique storyline entry. google_ad_channel = ""; this Werewolf has all the moves of your wolf form in Altered Beast! This creation will burst from the shardes of stained glass windows and attack with its swords. Super Castlevania IV. _____ Super Castlevania 4 is a game released for the SNES in 1993(I think). If not defeated fast enough, the As an alternate rendition of Simon's adventure, though, it's truly an upgrade to the highest degree. You'll fight him with the Gaibon in Symphony of the Night, and he shows up as a regular bad guy in Dawn of Sorrow. The Skull Knight is the leader of any given battalion of giant skeleton A country associated with the legend of Dracula.Simon, with the Vampire Killer whip, successfully defeated Dracula and his demon army. out of the water, it can easily catch any vampire hunter off guard. Its weak points are four eyes scattered throughout the room - once these are destoyed, the nucleus must be attacked for Super Castlevania IV casts players in the role of gothic superhero Simon Belmont, who enters Dracula's elusive castle to break the family curse and vanquish the king of vampires once again. The Undead Parasite actually occupies an entire room. Popular Quizzes Today.