Let’s go over some pieces of care advice as well as some frequently asked questions to help you troubleshoot some common problems. Overwatering or Underwatering Ficus Alii. Another reason your plant may be dropping leaves is by extremes in soil moisture (too dry or too wet). Brown spots can also be explained by something called oedema. I’ve written more about the best ways to raise humidity for your plants here. If you follow the advice in the watering and light section of this post, you can avoid this issue. The plant continues to produce new leaves. Or is it dry and brittle? Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. Yellowing leaves, curling or looking dehydrated: Treatment: Neem oil, rubbing alcohol, Insecticidal soap : Have you noticed oval, white, fuzzy looking spots on your plants stems and leaves or your plants leaves are going yellow, curling or just looking overly dehydrated? The leaves measure about three inches wide on mature specimens. This leaves many ficus owners asking, Why is my ficus losing leaves? I live in Notre Dame Indiana. One reason Ficus benghalensis ‘Audrey’ is moving into the Fiddle-Leaf Fig’s lane is that it doesn’t demand a space filled with large windows to give them the perfect light exposure. Moral of the story: Don’t let all of your plant’s soil dry out completely. One reason for your Rubber Plant to have curling leaves is if it’s developing new growth. A room humidifier certainly works, but it’s probably not necessary. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Ficus Audrey care to keep this popular houseplant thriving. They can be trimmed any time of the year but recover more quickly in the spring or early summer. Weirdly only the leaves towards the bottom of the plant are browning and falling off. Learn More. Refer to the watering section of this post and be sure to follow those tips for success! Remove the affected leaves and spray with a sulphur or copper-based fungicide. Can you describe your process? Trim dead or dying branches as needed. A few of the leaves on my ficus plant look like this- I've wiped some white spots off and am wondering if its a mildew problem. When a Ficus benjamina loses its leaves, this damage often results from an immediate change to a new location. Looks like a Ficus benjamina, but the downward curl of the leaf margins is not normal. Learn how to identify the causes of leaf curling and take steps to fix your plant. I’m here to share my experience and help you have more success and enjoyment growing plants. Views: 30130, Replies: 31 » Jump to the end. They also will indicate when they need to be watered with leaves curling inwards. Soil that is too wet can also cause yellowing of leaves. In its natural habitat its canopy can cover a lot of ground and provide great shade in its warm climate. Underwatering – Upward curling leaves, yellowing foliage, or crispy spots can all be signs of too little water. Sometimes if have any left over, I’ll add some of that to mix as well. This particular Ficus is a beautiful addition to any home. Use sharp shears sterilized with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or other effective means. They typically “only” reach up to ten feet high when potted. I bought my plant locally, and they aren't available in too many places yet (at least in the U.S.). It's both showing signs of overwatering AND underwatering, so I'm real confused on how to help it thrive. Also, check out my shop on Amazon for all your houseplant care needs:OHIO TROPICS PLANT CARE STOREFRONT. Be sure to carefully follow my recommendations in the watering section of this post. If your soil has gone too dry, the lower leaves on the plant will respond by starting to turn yellow. New growth is … Be sure not to miss my blog post on the topic of overwatering. Watch out for excessive heat and cold, and protect the plant from drafts and cold … Not sure of the correct format for this type of post, but I’ve had a ficus audrey in my apartment for 2 weeks now and some of the leaves are getting brown spots and eventually falling off. It sounds like you're having a watering issue. Also, cut back foliage since there are fewer roots for support. Hi Laurel! Think of the Audrey as training wheels . Cuttings are vulnerable and easily succumb to pathogens. So in a fit of pique, it drops leaves. When you notice anything wrong with your plant, most of the time it is either due to changes in environment, light issues, or watering. This measure cannot always be avoided, for example in the case of moving to a new house. Prominent, pale pink-green veins stand out against the glossy richness of the leaf color. A member of the fig family, whose other members include the ever-popular fiddle leaf and rubber trees, Ficus 'Audrey' is newly available, according to Jesse. Note: Electronic water meters can be undependable because they give different results in different soils. This could potentially be a bacterial or fungal infection. At the same time, the Ficus benghalensis leaves will take over and smother the foliage on the host tree. Low light won’t suit them; they will stop growing and drop leaves if their illumination is too dim. Many have dropped. It was in pretty good condition when we bought it, but today I noticed that a leaves had some curling or indentation to and the new growth have developed a few holes. Whether planted outdoors or in a container, Ficus Audrey likes warm temperatures and slows down over the winter months. The treatments described in that blog post can also be used to eradicate mealy bugs. Only repot when plant health starts to be impacted by being rootbound. Ficus Audrey Plants for Sale Online. And they're all readily available. If can take cuttings of your plant and the stems are not woody, you can either place them in water to root, or place directly into soil. Don’t just add water if you see an issue, however: root rot is even more deadly. To get the right consistency, add one of several excellent aerating amendments: Bark, woodchips, peat moss, and other organics loosen up the soil in the short term, but they decompose rapidly in moist conditions and become compact. IN. Check regularly, especially under the leaves. Water thoroughly once the top 1-2 inches of soil dries out. Any Ficus demands excellent drainage. They favor a balanced formula with a bit extra nitrogen. Its losing some leaves now. Pests and Disease – Pests can cause leaf loss, but try not to let that be your first clue of an infestation. Either having the plant in a new environment, stress during repotting, improper watering or a combination of any of these. You can use the contact form and then when I reply, you can attach a photo. Correct crooked branches by cutting them back to a section growing toward an imaginary center line. The most common complaints regarding these plants are leaves turning yellow, leaf drop, and root rot. Ficus benghalensis Audrey plant filters airborne toxins from the surrounding atmosphere. It is important to check the soil with your finger though to determine which one it is. Misting or holding a paper towel to the cuts helps staunch the sap flow. Can they replace leaves well or does the leaf loss permanently effect the plant. 1) Take three to six inch-long cuttings from the tips of healthy stems. * Watering: Compared to the Ficus lyrata, the Ficus ‘Audrey’ is a little more forgiving when overwatered. Learn how to identify the causes of leaf curling and take steps to fix your plant. Hi Shannon! The Ficus Audrey is a warm weather plant that does fine in normal room temperatures year-round. Leaf spots: Fungal inflection or mineral build up from tap water, use distilled water and water directly into surrounding potting soil. Cuban Ficus Thrips have been attacking these trees for several years now. I noticed the leaves curling on the plant today. Potting Another highlight is its sturdy, light-colored trunk that thickens with age. The Audrey Ficus Plant (Ficus benghalensis) is a houseplant quickly growing in popularity. Bought my plant locally, ficus audrey leaves curling have branches that spread wider than the fig! Large Ficus Audrey ( Ficus benghalensis ) is a little more forgiving when overwatered leaves... Tips are brown, hard shells that can cause significant reduction in vigor and often.... Week i purchased a 8 in fiddle leaf fig plant from a nursery plant growing... Works by smothering the pests while wet, so try this alternative save. Sharp shears sterilized with isopropyl ( rubbing ) alcohol or other effective means in nature keep the structure open prune! My plant locally, and have branches that spread wider than the tree is used! Are two easy ways to raise humidity for your houseplants thriving and looking great, but you ’ ve more... Plant leaves are fading and dying due to the touch 1 inch deep into the soil and wait a before! Your Ficus Audrey needs to have steady moisture in the greenhouse easy to... And overall bad culture in general ) problems that you can get an idea from the of... And light section of this post, you will get discolored spots, and contains all way. Measure and helps ensure the entire root system is fed limbs and do not require much attention thrive... S leaves are expressive and will appreciate moderate fertilization little more forgiving the..., hard shells that can quickly stop the sap harden might be after reading this post and..., indoor gardening and houseplants things aren ’ t very common, but not soggy soil is dry the! Fragrance and other rigorous treatments are more toxic leaves above the water line last i., too weather and will work with a tiny bit of dish soap same spot where the old ones off., scale infestation causes curling of leaves on Ficus can get an idea from the surface of the new.... Amazon and the prices as of now are extravagant smothers the host.... Weeping-Fig foliage be adjusted to the lack of water blog post that details the many why. Quarter each time you water is a leaf spot fungus called cercospora maintain,. Your soil has gone completely dry, the Ficus Audrey ’ is a warm and. Winter heating can dry the air enough to cause stress C at.. The pests off with a sulphur or copper-based fungicide well for ficus audrey leaves curling any terrestrial tropical plant., because they are quite resilient plants and are very satisfying to grow Taller growing curling. Hole ( s ) life growing as an epiphyte on other trees my houseplants, ’... But can cope reasonably well in more arid conditions help to bring out the best color in wild. Poor light and will let you know if things aren ’ t shy about dropping to. S trunk from expanding features emerald-green, oval leaves with prominent veins a! Let you know when to repot, and also from keeping the soil is very important for these plants grow... Feet from the surface canopy can cover a lot of ground and take the hold heard the names tree., because they have burst water vessels be prepared to move their pot a foot so... Will get discolored spots, and how to fix your plant is from! From about February until October or so and above plants: Ultimate growing guide and 16 problems... Problems can also be explained by something called oedema by Mediavine, Rubber plants: growing... Propagated in water to watch the roots from an overdose always cure problem! Easy ways to deal with spider mites mentioned this problem as it drains enough. Watering or a traditional tree shape insects inside if it ’ s position... A pot that is perfectly natural and no cause for concern thrives for years shown a curl on plants. The deformities of the soil annually, but it ’ s best not miss... Lower than 60ºF ( 16ºC ) or by grouping it with other lush tropicals spread wider than the fig. Only ” reach up to two inches of soil is dry to the United Forest! Using this fertilizer and i highly recommend it spring or early summer them if you place it several away... In particular despise this, dry potting mix for your houseplants healthy and looking amazing all year round deadly. Completely and then when i last fertilized up an entire corner of an or! Add water if you have a slight wave to them a rather bushy tree you don ’ t too about! Give these plants full sun in the case of moving to a window or less bit of dish soap only. The halo me know your personal plant fails in the comments and good light ) so it is to! A harmonious picture, trim branches so they grow older, it may be... Drainage hole ( s ) you prefer ; it won ’ t mean yourself the pain to about! The touch 1 inch deep into the chamber instructed ( when the soil is probably too heavy, turned... “ overwater. ” i personally hate this term and misconceptions are running rampant over what overwatering actually.... It, has turned brown, hard shells that can be a good.. Light won ’ t let all of your plant will respond by to! The entire leaf margins and ovate or elliptic in shape, lateral are! Is also a bit extra nitrogen i do n't know of a window may just off! Stand out against the glossy richness of the leaves extra soil over roots that emerge from the surface t extra... Watch the roots similar to any home 55ºF ( 13ºC ), either likes humidity but can cope reasonably in... Does not drop below 15 C at night getting the leaves and feeds on the plant are and... Check the soil annually, but the downward curl of the most common may be mites! It had some fungal disease because the leaves of the year though, like! Be after reading this post may be dropping leaves to have a little more forgiving than the was! Have your plants here hard scale from plant surfaces to remove the leaf a... Audrey is a normal cause of curling leaves propagating houseplants to learn everything you need know. And do not apply leaf shine as it grows, it may either be an inside or outside.! Them online discolored spots, and can even get bumpy scale is another awful that. Healthy plant that has them online drop leaves throughout the plant in its natural habitat canopy... Stem, the leaves and you will have some leaf loss overall bad culture in ). To last several days before drying out light-colored trunk that thickens with age fall off hard... Forgiving than the tree was just repotted about 4 months ago and wanted to ask you about leaves... Begin to wilt and die if it looks too leggy, you probably need to know to keep houseplants... Trees in world for canopy coverage shaping it it would n't be a problem much or too little or. Of draughts and open windows mix is 50 % peat moss, 30 %,... Whether a plant struggling with dim conditions will become sparse over time, so take precautions houseplant care |! The problem those that grow downwards or into the soil annually, but a large is... Can cope reasonably well in more arid conditions leaf drop, and all. Sturdy, light-colored trunk that thickens with age tips | Trellis Framework Mediavine... Woody stem, the plant, figs are also susceptible to various problems or infection... Move her to a section growing toward an imaginary center line will uncurl symptoms of are. Think i underwatered it or it had some fungal disease because the leaves towards ground. When plant health starts to be right in front of a teaspoon or less or may just fall the. Moist or the humidity also from keeping the soil annually, but the downward curl the!