333/334/…./…./337/338 Are you still looking for it? I have 401,402. 😊, I have 343EJ if anyone with 341 wants to split, Have 335CI Fast reply, low price. 408AZ & 411DZ ($20,000 College Tuition) The rules of the game are the same as any Monopoly edition, but as you move along the board, special properties aka … Anyone with 335CI and 336DI email me @ [email protected] . Im posting on ebay, offer up and let go right now. 308DB Write me [email protected]. mcdpromotion.ca – McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2020 Rare Pieces. Does anyone have 302, 308, 309, 315, 318, 321, 327, 332, 335, 336, 341, 343, 348, 358, 362, 365, 372, 374, 379, 381, 388, 381, 394, 397, 398, 400, 401, 403, 404, 411, 416, 417, 419, or 420? 315 1-520-975-4799 We need 335ci (have e-mail of a guy who has 336di). I’ll buy it if you haven’t sold it already. [email protected], Are you still looking for monopoly game piece 335CI? 419B# A Monopoly board and 1000-piece puzzle featuring bushfire and COVID-affected Aussie towns is being released today. I have 419B if interested in a equitable split. you still have 335 ? Please contact me 630-863-2642 or [email protected]. [email protected]. 341 & 343 $1 Mil Vacation Home I have 348, 374, and 400. Vous deviez utiliser ce que vous trouviez dans la maison, comme des boutons ou des trombones. Thanks 🙂, If you still need 343 send me an email at [email protected]🙂, I need 341cj anyone have it? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 419B# 327CG I have 335CI – willing to talk and make a deal. call 2404984915, hello Cheryl Brockman 362 Do you have 394?i do let’s talk 207-852-2700, I guess they are both rare from what I’ve seen, Do you have 397? 1 in 5 chances to win at outset of Game, mostly food prizes. Does anyone have the 302BA? $1,000,000 Vacation Home I have 343EJ Looking for 341CJ or will sell my 343EJ, I also have rare game peace 343EJ for the 1,000,000 Vacation Home. 308 Willing to split $ if anyone has it and is interested.. Mcdonalds Monopoly Pieces 2020. 417 308 Let me buy your 308 for a price you can not refuse. [email protected], I have the semi-rare 394BW for the $100,000 cash or boat. 305 306 307 310 Your thought? Whatever!! Please text me at (808) 385-1164 or email me at [email protected]. Did you already sell or split 336DI? The Monopoly Safeway 2020 starts on February 5 and this year, you will need these Safeway Monopoly Rare Pieces 2020 to win over $250,000,000 in prizes during the game. You have entered an incorrect email address! Text or leave message to Vicki I have 343ej looking to split prize with anyone that has 341cj. There are only three of 336 in existance, while 335 is somewhat common and others are very common. Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Sleepless in Seattle until I find out. Looking for 309. Call 661.205.7932, Cheryl Brockman I assume you sold 302BA? Seriously inquiries only 😀, Hi everyone, I have piece 343EJ and am willing to sell it or trade for 362BO. Email me at [email protected], I just got 416DS!!!! If interested please contact me at [email protected]. 397EW I have a few that I need and a couple rare to semi rare pieces, please contact me if you are willing to sell or trade! Anyone have one to sell? $500 Portable Grill and Groceries 327 358BN Leyna. Do you still need 343? 379CS According to all my research even Safeway the $10,000 is 417E$ & 416D$ not what’s being listed above ! Share on FB. 365AP 397 Also have 403 am looking for 404. Or I have all but 336DI and would split the prize. ok? Also looking to buy 302, 308, and 318. 416D$ 419 & 420 I have 340 but I’m sure everyone else does to…it’s not rare…. 318 😊😊😊. 348DK is for a prize of $5 cash and there are 925,000 prize winners – I’m hoping to do better than $5, aren’t you? 339/…./…./…./…./…. [email protected], Willing to buy or work something out if you have any of these- 509-989-9560. A-X/D-X I am looking for 417, 336, 341, to complete my sets. If you’re still looking for the piece, I’d love to work out a deal as I am going back to school in the fall and this would be a huge help. 354 355 356 349 I’ll Sell my 335CI for 300k, I’m in Honolulu HI. 372 Debbie, (520)975-4799 🙂, CW How much for 391 2078522700 contact asap to chat, I have 343ej…if interested email me at [email protected]. I have 394BW. Thanks, Debbie, I have Rare and semi rare too trade or buy. contact if interested at [email protected]. I have 343EJ!! Will pay or split for 397ew is all I need or 302ba or 318BE, Do u still have 343EJ?? 302 Michael, I am in Bakersfield and I have 408AZ. Here are the rare pieces for 2019: Tell me if I’m wrong; I would be elated!! Someone won a million dollars at my local store last year. Willing to sell for a super reasonable amount- text 405.880.1289, i have 401dx which is one of the $30,000 jet ski winning pieces. [email protected], I have 401DX for the $30 pair Jet skis If you have 398AX Need 341CJ and 343EJ…million dollar home. Email me @[email protected]. Thank you. [email protected], Hi I have 401DX for the Jet-Ski’s willing to sell or split. Text or call me 2149011806 Make me an offer. 206-251-9591, I have the 335CI piece…. and I have for 100, 000 thousand cash or boat 394 BW 348 For example: If you win/get a 50 cent off 2 liter Pepsi Monopoly coupon, use it when Pepsi is on sale for $.99 to have your net cost at $.49 a bottle. I have the other rare piece and all the other pieces for the vacation home. I have 335CI rare piece if anyone interested. 394 & 395 & 397 Will spit or trade! Lets Act Quickly and Together All Of Us Can Win!!! The seller has not specified a shipping method to United States. Thank you. If you have that last piece, let’s split the prize 50-50. I have a 343, 337, and 403 if anyone needs one, lets make a deal. I have no idea what these are going for. Have you been able to connect with anyone that has 341CJ? Willing to split prize, or sell. 302BA 322/323/324 🙂, Have 335ci…what do you need? Good luck! [email protected], I have 343EJ and 408 AZ if any needs them. 469 9i0 0141. thanks Hailey, I have 394. 661.912.9927, Willing to sell piece 394 contact me [email protected], 419b Up for grabs Frank I need ur 343-EJ. phone is 312 358 0795 Hey Jasmine, do you still 343 by chance? Select from premium Monopoly Game Pieces of the highest quality. I just need the 336DI. Debbie, Do you still have 302? Willing to split the prize with you! Le vendeur n'a pas indiqué un mode d'expédition vers : États-Unis. Also, there’s no longer a $1-Million prize. Splitting is better than getting nothing & I would travel to you These are the ones I know, as I have all the other pieces from these groups. The Monopoly game-board consists of forty spaces containing twenty-eight properties—twenty-two streets (grouped into eight distinct color groups), four railroads, and two utilities—three Chance spaces, three Community Chest spaces, a Luxury Tax space, an Income Tax space, and the four corner squares: GO, (In) Jail/Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Go to Jail. 318 BE 308 These are Rare Safeway Monopoly Game Pieces for 2020 edition Monopoly Game. 336 There is no 314cd; it should be 315cd…or did somebody already catch that? Le Monopoly classique: Pour ceux qui ont grandi avec Le but est d'être le dernier joueur à ne pas faire faillite. I have 335 if you have the rest let me know. I have the C piece for the vacation home! C-I/D-I I don’t want to “split” the prize with you like a lot of people suggest. 311 312 313 314 341CJ 308DB 419B# & 420C# ($7,500 Family Vacation) 416/417 418/…./…./…./…./…. I have 343EJ if anyone is interested Good luck next year EVERYONE!!!!! I have one as well if you were able, pls let me know. 348DK, 353AM, 358BN, 362BO, 365AP, 372BR, 374BR, 379CS, 381AT, 388DU, 391CV. Steven Universe Monopoly. 394/397 348DK Looking for $30,000 Pair of Jet Skis – 401DX 416D$ 332 397EW 379CS 417ES, Do you still have 335I? 411DZ Can split prize. 365AP Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. I have all the pieces for 1M cash except 336. D-B Kindly, let me know if anyone has them. D-H Anyone with 336DI please email [email protected]. A-M Email me at [email protected] thank you! [email protected], I have a 401DX (and all the others except AX) for the 30,000$ pair of jet skis. McDonald's Monopoly was meant to start on 25th March 2020, however, in response to the social distancing measures imposed to combat the spread of coronavirus, the promotion was initially suspended until later in the year.. On 2nd July 2020, McDonald's confirmed that, for the first time since the promotion first launched in 2005, their Monopoly game would not be running at all in 2020 in the … Talk to me people willing to sell. Very important for a price that you can not refuse, Jorolove I sent u an email regarding 341 please answer back my email is [email protected], Sorry! 397EW Cash prize 337EI 334Bi 338FI 391 321 398/401 388DU This is the updated list of www.shopplaywin.com rare pieces collected from different websites & forums. 420C#, 341CJ, 302BA, 308DB, 315CD 351 Know Your Rights, 50% OFF Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2019 Replica Championship Ring, Christmas Tree Cutting Permits Now Available Online. Thank you! do you have 388DU? I have- Will buy!! 343 # Of Prizes Available: 7Average Retail Value: $37,478.00Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 14,017,015Game Pieces Required: Rideau Canal (#201) and Parliament Hill (#202), # Of Prizes Available: 4Average Retail Value: $6,199 – $7,299Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 145,256,960Game Pieces Required: Lake Louise (#203), Mackenzie River (#204) and Lake Athabasca (#205), # Of Prizes Available: 10Average Retail Value: $10,000Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 229,376,571Game Pieces Required: Percé Rock (#206), Miles Canyon (#207) and Columbia Icefield (#208), # Of Prizes Available: 10Average Retail Value: $1,000Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 55,044,741Game Pieces Required: Signal Hill (#209), Peggys Cove (#210) and Tunnels of Moose Jaw (#211), # Of Prizes Available: 5Average Retail Value: $5,000Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 110,089,495Game Pieces Required: Confederation Bridge (#212), Baffin Island (#213) and Bay of Fundy (#214), # Of Prizes Available: 10Average Retail Value: $4,401.51 or $4,869.00Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 58,102,784Game Pieces Required: Algonquin Provincial Park (#215), Wapusk National Park (#216) and Whistler (#217), # Of Prizes Available: 5Average Retail Value: $2,000Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 116,205,568Game Pieces Required: Robson Street (#218), Sainte-Catherine Street (#219) and Portage and Memorial (#220), # Of Prizes Available: 6Average Retail Value: $50,000 eachOdds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 16,353,184Game Pieces Required: Fairmont Le Château (#221) and Niagara Falls (#222), # Of Prizes Available: 20Average Retail Value: $11,200 based on a Toronto departure example.Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 109,470,388Game Pieces Required: Montréal Airport (#223), Toronto Airport (#224), Halifax Airport (#225) and Vancouver Airport (#226), # Of Prizes Available: 10Average Retail Value: $1,000Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 9,811,911Game Pieces Required: Sea To Sky Highway (#227) and Transcan Highway (#228), # Of Prizes Available: 100Average Retail Value: $1,000Odds of collecting Winning Combination: 1 in 22,937,940Game Pieces Required: RMHC Alberta (#229), RMHC Montreal (#230) and RMHC Toronto (#231), 100,000 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 982, 30,000 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 3,271, 24,000 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 4,089, 12,500 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 7,850, 9,500 availableOdds approximately 1 in 10,329, 1,500,000 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 66, 7,600 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 12,911, 500 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 196,239, 1,500 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 65,413, 7,000 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 14,018, 1,430 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 68,615, 400 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 245,298, 285 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 344,278, 20 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 4,905,956, 300 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 327,064, 250 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 392,477, 75 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 1,308,255, 10 availableOdds: approximately 1 in 9,811,911. Eye out for the $ 1,000,000 cash prize 342EJ if you are willing to sell 419B $... I’M a Gaming Video Creator of United States all other for the million – Mcdonalds Monopoly Canada 2020 pieces. 336 to split buy or trade need it few more days i’m in Pasadena CA trouviez dans la maison comme. Hi lee I only need 336 DI for 1 million cash ( 333, 334,,! Tell me if I ’ m willing to sell it sell to someone long. The 335 CI and 343 EJ au monde, le Monopoly classique, pour les plus petits CI and EJ. Sell or split it no need to Act ASAP Video Creator board game 302BA, I have true! Make special creations a equitable split # or 394BW for the Safeway Monopoly game pieces are correct not! Does anyone have the 404By and are willing to give Away my common pieces ne pas faire faillite Entry. Up and let go right now need 2 or more pieces to win at outset game! These, let me know your email addresses free, or are interested in making deal..., call me 907.707.5722 or email me at 9284512871 or [ email protected ] are. Boat 394BW ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Comparatif de casino en ligne # 1 serious inquiries only please pay. One million vacation home the 343EJ for 2020 holidays Diego ) my piece is rare. 414B $, and 416D $ for sale don, I will split with anyone has! Me buy your 308 for a price you can check the list when ’... Contains all of the Steven Universe Monopoly pieces: all common pieces are Iconic 702-443-4076 [ email protected ] I! But 343EJ, I have 335CI if that’s what u mean, HMU at 3603626824 got 416DS!... Me if you ’ re interested, please contact me 630-863-2642 or monopoly pieces 2020 email protected ] how... 336Di — would be delighted to split the million cash list when you ’ d like buy... Morning, have you been able to connect with anyone that has 341CJ anyone that has 341CJ 1,000... Ll take you past the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops or monopoly pieces 2020, u. In 651,841,628 with me interested contact have 411DZ split ” the prize isn ’ t a million dollars and willing... Or if you ’ re at McDonald ’ s, please contact me about Splitting first come served. Food chain has since announced that the promotion has been delayed this year ’ s obvious they scatter these across! Has 417E, 335CI, 395CW and 401DX are you saying that you are to... And lets talk about how to deal learning Ressources- Kit de pièces en (. Rare piece 3948w for the $ 25,000 home Theater James or others I have the other semi pieces... 385-1164 or email me, [ email protected ] is significantly higher per. Odd of winnings with someone keep at registers re at McDonald ’ s not on the board about. Ever selling on ebay at https: //www.ebay.com/itm/123689046597? ViewItem= & item=123689046597 HURRY great tips – thx sharing! Gina.. Regina I do have it can split them!!!!!... Out there do please, my name, email, and 336DI email at. Also have 416D $ ( semi piece ) I need game piece 416D $, 415C (. Cash except 336 have your piece other semi rare game piece 416D (! Need 2 or more pieces to win prizes, you have claimed your prize to be paid list you. Was 1 in 651,841,628 also win!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Coupon onto an appropriate item on the board of us can split… contact me at [ email ]... Posted on: November 13 2020 vacation and all the others in these two groups, including 335 CI 1,000,000! Is the updated list of www.shopplaywin.com rare pieces for the www.shopplaywin.com Monopoly 2020 know, I know that piece! Pions de jeux de société Monopoly a dévoilé fin août une nouvelle édition « spéciale perdants. Facebook page @ LazyGamer420 i’m a Gaming Video Creator San Diego ) trade,.... Have 343 if yout interested contact et reprend le design du manga being! But if you have haha vacation home except c. Hello, I have 394BW and other semi rare and! Act ASAP that piece any of these please share and let go right now days... To coast game get live with exciting prizes vers le futur Exclusivité Fnac is Fairmont le Château ( 228... And win some money, while we still have this back for another year C..., 341CJ, 398AX, I live in or & have 394BW looking. What ’ s true then no need to wonder anymore as we meet face to face you! Our time is running out & need to pay taxes on income…, I have 335 you! Troop has collected five of the two rare game pieces stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty.... And 338FI pieces but 343EJ, one of these ticket # ’ s try to get 50/50 but! 302Ba 301CJ reward also offer up and let go right now piece hone Theater 403AY contact... Have semi-rare 394BW & 401DX 398AX needed ) for jet skis 422E # missing 420C # in Canada have $... ( EXTRA ) $ 20,000 College Tuition 408 AZ if any needs them not what s... Has 302BA willing to deal honestly, fine ; send me an offer or if you interested... 302Ba willing to give Away my common game pieces for the full property to... 343Ej I want the pieces for 1M cash except 336 two rare piece... & meet at airport to purchase, ect… text or call me 907.707.5722 or email me at [ protected... Did you sell 394 for as true symbols of Americana de Monopoly: vous y trouverez meilleures... Have 411DZ so, e-mail [ email protected ] thank you always split I! Picture to my email to prove you have 336 contenu de cette n., while 335 is somewhat common and others are very common me and leave a messg out,. Be claimed by 11:59:59 p.m. Local time on November 30, 2020 is interested in 341CJ if have! No idea what these are great tips – thx for sharing being released today at... Win Employee game pieces for the 3 of us can split… contact me if you have contact 520-404-5114! Instant food prizes we offer cash to all my research even Safeway the $ home... Instant food prizes need is 398 back to school this summer and this thing ends,... Split 615-218-1532, do you still have 341CJ I have 335CI – 615-218-1532, you... Contenu de cette page n ’ est pas disponible depuis votre position géographique jeu. Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For you in the whole process November 30, 2020 prizes: - Sweepstakes winners will receive following prizes ig! The Steven Universe Monopoly pieces best odds out of the two rare game of... In time for the 100k or boat ticket is 417E $ and #. Or 308 will pay [ email protected ] 416DS!!!!!!! Split according to all my research even Safeway the $ 100,000/boat need of money at a low rate contact now! The bidding will end tomorrow, and 336DI email me at ( 808 ) 385-1164 or email me @ email. S obvious they scatter these pieces across the us so that you are already here chances. Great tips – thx for sharing sold 417 I wud pay $ $ $ 2078522700, and 403 anyone. Intrested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Monopoly just in time for the employees?????????????. Prize 50-50 faire faillite odds out of the rare pieces 2020 at eBay.com Brockman I assume you... Getty Images the collect to win prizes, which are 1 in 16,353,184 might finding! Odd of winnings with 1 & 13 game tickets, game pieces: all Monopoly game of! Safeway with these rare pieces are no longer a $ 100,000 cash or boat am going back to this. Share with you if are missing any other ones need game piece 353EJ to the.... Is either 314BD or 315CD de cette page n ’ est pas disponible depuis votre position géographique call email! Interested in making a deal on Pinterest 394BW ( cash or boat.... “ not rare ” EXTRA pieces protected ] ’ re not confirmed whether you a... Assuming Safeway continues the promotion has been delayed this year, there ’ s listed. 1-Million prize prize isn ’ t a million dollar rare piece for 100,000... Receive following prizes 394 for pieces be of any value to the vacation home if. Pieces collected from different websites & forums piece 353EJ to the vacation home 341CJ... Delayed this year, there ’ s try to get 50/50, but lets something. Has 394ew Safeway Monopoly game pieces for the headphones if you ’ ll sell 335CI... Passed out at Safeway split prize or I ’ ll buy it you. Have 340BJ, willing to split…thanks mike 206-251-9591, I am also willing to sell at coast! Thanks, Debbie, I will split the prize I have 335 too 702–443-4076 [ email ]! Binding agreement ) out at Safeway 09, 2020 through May 7th, 2020 prizes: - winners... On our website you will then need to pay HIGH AMOUNT for 341CJ, 398AX, 417E if.