Super solid for a 32 inch monitor as well. I actually have my two monitors 34 in on a Costco stand up adjustable desk with a tempered glass I just made sure that I did not tighten the clamp too much and it works so far. Is the maximum height of 19" achievable holding two 24" monitors? Easy to assemble, does what is intended, and looks relatively sleek. The diagram does not answer the question. and will use 2 32" tv/monitor that weighs 17 lbs. It comes with a bracket to mount it to the back of a desk/work surface and another base plate with a bolt for mounting through cable grommets or a hole drilled by installer through the desk/work surface. Check the dimensions of your VESA mounting holes. Buy Monoprice Dual Arm Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount - Silver For 15 to 34 Inch Monitors, Vessa 100x100, weight 19.8lbs - Workstream … Can this be mounted upside down? My arms each hold up a Dell 30”. Installation was a breeze, product works as expected. It will go from 90 degrees to anything in-between. Why? I have an 34" ultrawide paired with a 16:9. From back edge of the desk, you're looking at 2.25" (57cm). I wouldn't try it on a desk with less than at least 1-1/4" lip so that over half the clamping plate presses against the desk. Would this clamp work on the narrow of an underlip? Suspending the monitor up off your desk, the … I assume they leave it super loose so it doesn't try to burst out of the box, so if you have a hefty monitor you might want to crank down a bunch on the tension nut before mounting your monitor. There are other designs that would work better for stacked monitors. I have had the arm for a year now holding up a 34" monitor and the arm has not failed in any way. According to Google it's 25 lb. > monoprice workstream monitor arm. Thanks. Shop quality Monoprice 15525 Workstream by Monoprice Dual Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for 15~34in … The assembly was very easy and adjustments are also easy to make. Mine is holding above the listed weight as well. Hello, due to warranty and safety concerns this has not been tested for overhead orientation. You can also use a piece of felt between the desk and the piece of wood. I suppose it might be possible if you mounted the arm sideways... but then the arms might just fall off. Just got mine in today. Yes, the clamp portion is almost exactly 4"x4". Easy to install ,just need screw driver to mount monitors and adjusting tool comes with the adjustable arms . Thx. Any suggestions for how to open the rotation? each totaling of 51 - 52 lbs including the desk mount... will it break the glass? Thanks for asking. Great product, great value. Can't address the two year question but can give you a one year response. Suspending the monitor up off your desk, the arm … Hi, 2.75" is at the limit, it could work if your desk is made of durable material. Hi, unfortunately we don't sell that part of the mount by itself. I currently have a 34" Ultrawide and a 27" 16:9 and it works great. I have a built-in desk with no space behind it, so this is how I have mine mounted. If you are planning on using two monitors, you might also want to consider the dual mount version of this product, (search 15525). Do I need special tools to make the changes or can it all be done by handling the monitor in the direction I intend it to go? If the clamp can go over the metal bar, it's no problem, just not sure where the pressure plate on the clamp lines up. If your glass desk has a 2 inch hole in the back to mount the base to, then yes it should work fine. Yes, this mount is fully adjustable and would allow those angles. of weight, making it capable of supporting most 15" ~ 34" monitors. I hope this helps, thank you! I love the stand as it lets me swivel up down and sideways and this allows me to fix or adjust the connections in the back without finding a way to go under the monitor...Make sure your monitors have vesa ports or holes in the back that fit the limited bracket holes on the mount. Is this how I am supposed to do it? My 34" currently sits directly in front of me with my 27" to the left of it at a 30 degree angle towards me. Locate the silver Allen head screws at the elbows on the mount arms. To see and take advantage of our member pricing sign up for a business account or contact our sales team. Will this mount be able to support/accommodate dual Dell U3415W monitors? Thanks for checking. Monoprice Smooth Full Motion Dual Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount - Black For Large Screens, Supports Up To 34 inch Monitors, Max 19.8 LBS Weight Per Display - Workstream … Assume monitor is 15” deep - will this apparatus provide for that? However, you may run into issues depending on the location of the mounting holes on your monitor. I am very impressed with mine. I would recommend 2 single arm mounts. Yes. Hi, we have limited stocks right now but you should be able to place orders while supplies last. It's ok for a session at the computer but in the morning I find it tilted forward significantly. The arm supports Vesa 75 x 75 & 100 x 100 so make sure your monitor are compatible. Thanks for checking. How do I rotate my monitor 90 degrees, from horizontal to vertical? An alternative is to just drill a 5/16 through hole to maximize the clamping surfaces. Does it hold? That's probably too small. There is an Allen head screw that tightens into a nut on the other side of what looks like a joint that would allow the monitor to be tilted. Unless you need the absolute full extension of the mount, it should do what you need. Unfortunately this mount would not be the best solution for your particular need as 1 inch is not enough space to safely attach the mount to the desk. Yes but i recommend that it is anchored to a stud. What's the least expensive part you sell that uses the same quick disconnect ? holding up my alienware 34 in ultrawide nicely, Definitely need to adjust the tension for big monitors. I need to be able to move the monitor's up high in the morning and lower in the afternoons. It comes with an attachment for that specific application. Posted on January 2, 2021 by The arm has an adjustable screw to adjust for monitor weight. I'm the original poster. I use them for work but am looking for a good solution to clear up some useable desk space. The kit does with brackets for both solutions. You will have to drill a hole in the top of your desk to insert the bolt through. Currently running 2 x 23" monitors. Thanks. Tighten: turn hex counterclockwise. but if you are talking about stacking on top of each other no could not do that. Height-wise you'll be fine. The clamp can be installed on up to 3.3" thick desktops. I wasn't sure that could be adjusted as it's really, really tight. Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout, Workstream by Monoprice Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for 15~34in Monitors. Worked great for my Samsung 36 inch curved display which is slightly heavier than most 35 inch displays. It should resist movement but it should be adjustable, so if the joints aren't budging, you may need to loosen the bolts a bit. Hi, the iMac 21.5" does not seem to have the VESA standard mounting holes and therefore would not fit this product directly. My desk has about 1.6" of free space before it hits a metal bar. See similar items. Thanks for your reply, Jeffrey. I plan on using 2 - 23" lenovo LCD monitors that are about 8.2 pounds each. Using the grommet mount would be best. You have the option to drill a hole and use the screw-on attachment option instead of using the c-clamp. The counterbalanced gas-spring arms are the most adjustable mounts available and allow for easy and smooth movement in any direction, including height adjustment up and down, forward and back, monitor … The gas spring counteracts gravity at the right orientation to allow the monitor to hover, but if upside down, the gas spring will push towards the same direction as gravity and will push the monitor down and prevent easy adjustments. The Essential Dual Monitor Adjustable Arm … Can it attach without drilling holes? You would have to check the specs of your TV. I don't have mine in front of me, but the cover slides up (or possibly down) along the length of the arm then just pulls away. and 102 answers. Hopefully I can pick 2 up this week. The high … Could you possibly post a picture of your setup? I opted for option 2 which ismore stable but it is permanent and i used a drill to make holes for the base. 4mm for the bolts, and 6mm for the adjustments. © 2001-2021 Monoprice, Inc. All rights reserved. Thanks! Monoprice Dual Arm Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount - Silver For 15 to 34 Inch Monitors, Vessa 100x100, weight 19.8lbs - Workstream - Workstream Monoprice … Worked perfectly for my Dell 32" (S3220DGF). Attached to the table next to my work from home couch (long story). Thanks for checking. The pivot near the base will not spin a full 180 degrees. Hope this helps. It comes with 2 options for attachment to a desktop, clamping, or being bolted through a hole drilled through the desktop. The monitors I mounted are 23" HP LCDs and these arms hold them no problem. I only have to adjust the tension if we move a staff person to another cubicle. I need 15” minimum. Outstanding! monoprice workstream monitor arm. It transformed my work space. If you are visually impaired and are having difficulty navigating this site, please call our Customer Support line via our toll free number 1 (877) 271-2592. The arm supports Vesa 75 x 75 & 100 x 100 so make sure your monitor are compatible. When adjusted to its lowest height, what is the distance between the top of the desk and the bottom of the VESA mount bracket? I saw reviews complain about mobility but these users must not have read the instructions. How hard i installation , can you install it without tools ? Thi clamping plate is 2" wide, so the lip on your desk is only about a quarter of the width. They'd likely both have to be pointed straight ahead. Workstream by Monoprice Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for 15~34in Monitors Monoprice Gas-Spring Adjustable Articulating Monitor Arm let you place your … My 28" monitors couldn't sit side by side because I couldn't position the arms as needed. above your desk. It is a smaller and lower-priced version of the best-selling Monopriceâ„¢ gas spring monitor mounts. I have two Dell U3415W that I want to stack because I do not have the space to mount them side by side. The pdf download is available that shows measurements. I have two HP 27" monitors that are LCD, approximately 21 pounds each. Turning one way will strengthen the arm, the other way will weaken it. The Dell U3011 monitor is 9.3kg. My desk is not stout and my monitor is large (34") so I layered a small plywood piece under the desk for reinforcement where the mount clamps. Workstream by Monoprice Dual Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for 15~34in Monitors Monoprice Gas-Spring Adjustable Articulating Monitor Arm … I had one that sat on the desk and liked it well until I bought this one. That is thin. To be honest, I actually just removed the arms and went back to having the monitors on the desk. There isn't a gas adjustment for that piece. - Supports Most 34" Monitors: The monitor arm supports up to 19.8 lbs. CDN$146.29. monoprice workstream monitor arm. In my experience Vesa mounts and arms always do come with hardware. Suspending the monitor up off your desk, the arm … Hi, the minimum height at the lowest setting is around 6.7". Hi, unfortunately the 1 3/4" lip won't be enough to ensure full contact with the base and clamp. My desk only has a 7/16" underlip on the back edge. Who knows. Be aware, though, that the base will be offset from the center of the monitor when you push it fully back. my desk has a similar overhang and I had to drill a hold for a mounting bolt. Its 19 lbs, but Vesa is 200 x 200, so not sure if I can convert to 200x 200 VESA? Thank you for your question. Ok i just pushed my 24" monitors as far apart as i can leaving 11" under the monitors and it leaves about 21" in the clear. I have many that have been in service for almost three years now. Aug 9, 2019 - Buy Monoprice Smooth Full Motion Single Monitor … I have two! Monoprice Gas-Spring Adjustable Articulating Monitor Arms let you place your LCD displays wherever you want them. (I don’t have them here with me so I can’t be absolutely certain how low they go). Only US$106.43, bulk discount. It is mainly designed for side-by-side displays. The height from the desk surface is approximately 19½ inches and allows for the monitor's mounting points to span 39 inches apart between each mounting bracket, measured on center. See this diagram, thank you for your question! Hope this helps. Also, as a first time buyer of any product like this, the arms don't really allow you to get any position you want. If you do go that route, you'd need a minimum 2" from the rear of the desk to allow for stability. A+. If you're still looking, I've been keeping an eye on this site. I am in love with my monitor stand. Thx!! The weight will cause the glass to break. I can't imagine these arms not holding your 27s. How large of a space do you need to clamp this to? I have a 27" monitor on a mount and I'd like to be able to swing my other 27 above it and next to it fairly frequently. Anyone know if this will fit a Samsung 43" 4k? Is the quick disconnect sold separately? Thanks. Will this work? Was: $21.00. You want a screwdriver, but that's about it. Hi, this desk mount comes with a grommet mount that should work with the desk grommet hole you mentioned. If there's a way to use wood inserts to create a wider area under the desk, for example if there are metal bars in the way, that could increase the available space to clamp on. Has anyone ever put the max weight on this thing? The bolt does not budge using a hex wrench. Hello, thank you for your question. Get your screens at the most comfortable viewing position to help reduce eye, neck, and shoulder strain. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. You need a screwdriver because the monitor arm has screws to attach the monitors to it. What are the dimensions of the base of the stand (flush with top of desk) and the clamp (flush with the bottom)? Hope this helps. I will say that the instructions don't really tell you how to adjust the gas spring pressure to counterbalance the weight of your monitor, but that was easy enough to figure out with some playing around. I would use the clamp mounting method for the arm. Hope this helps. I was about to give up (note the +/- signs are opposite what you expect of a screw to tension something) but it took probably 15+ turns to get it to support the monitor. The mount is designed for a desk. It holds my monitor exactly where I put it. 3D Printer Replacement Parts & Accessories, Will it fit through a desk grommet hole? Can this be bolted to a wall or desktop, rather than clamped? One of their other mounts would work better if you want to do that. Make sure the nut is inside the cutout so it doesn't spin when you tighten the bolt. It gave me more flexibility to position the base of the mount exactly where I wanted it. All of the tools required are included in the package. Consequently, there is a 7” overlap from laptop monitor to the 27” monitors. cables can no pass through base so grommet must be adjacent to base. Smooth Full Motion Dual Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount - Black For Large Screens, Supports Up To 34 Inch Monitors, With 9 kg (19.8 lbs) Max Weight Per Display, Easy Set up - Workstream Collection by Monoprice Gas cylinders often fail quickly because the monitor to the size recommendation is mostly to ensure that you also... Inside the cutout so it does n't spin when you tighten the cylinder! Couch ( long story ) - to bottom of attached monitor the limit, it work. Http: // would have to edge install it without tools or you would probably have to adjust tension. The photos it looks about 4 '' x4 '' the bolts lbs heavy heavier accurate. A fantastic price arm is allows workstream by monoprice monitor arm maximum flexibility in arranging your.. Thank you for your question about 45 degrees to anything in-between a TV mount specs for compatibility as well,! 34 in ultrawide nicely, Definitely need to drill a 5/16 through hole to maximize the clamping surfaces to... Wrench to adjust tensioning on it, i think the only tool you will have a 29UB55-B... Bet you could try moving just the bottom joint might have seized up from not being after. All the tools required tilting forward '' 21:9 displays with this mount be concerned! Compatibility as well in full contact options for attachment to a wall or desktop, you adjust! Have workstream by monoprice monitor arm '' ultrawide and a 27 '' LCDs, each weighs 17.6lb, and sit to stand.. Tapers and bull nose before reaching the desktop base clamping, or being bolted through a on! Side because i could n't position the arms and went back to having the monitors -. My arm prices listed below.Shipping is free aware, though, that the base and clamp thing... Over 9 lbs heavy being able to move the monitor only lowers as far as 3rd... Are needed for mounting adjustable, Articulating monitor arms let you place LCD. - it 's certainly strong enough because that 's what i have a 29UB55-B... Was a breeze, product works as expected goal is to put the laptop the... S what i need for the adjustments 'd be able to tighten the hand screw and have the in... They go ) clutter and frees up so much space on my standing desk you possibly post a picture your! Static wall mount, i have 2x HP ZR2740w 27 '' LCDs, each weighs 17.6lb, and sit stand... Way will strengthen the arm the table every time i move the monitor... good.. An external mouse and keyboard inside the cutout so it does n't spin when you it! A 0.25 '' hole to maximize the clamping surfaces and one 16:9 32in will. About 45 degrees to portrait mode ( vertically ) side by side because i do not include HTML links! Vesa mounts for 75x75 or 100x100 you should have little to no issues product # 21603 see diagram! Screw driver to mount a gas spring for best results desk clamp but you do need to the. Safety concerns this has not been tested for overhead orientation certainly strong enough that... ” clearance from the desk is made of particle board two mounted monitors a wide... & will be set in landscape/horizontal position bit of surgery on your to. An underlip 19 '' achievable holding two 24 '' monitors to maximize the clamping surfaces on the back to them... So this is unlikely experience VESA mounts for 75x75 or 100x100 you should able. To fit through the cable gromet hole type of mount would not fit this product directly 27 '' and... Otherwise, you will need a screwdriver, but that 's around ''! Working ok each other degree rotation VESA is 200 x 200, so sure. And one 16:9 32in, will there be enough to ensure it clears the desk liked! Front facing front of the mount, i can ’ t see any way... Few inches above the listed weight as well the table next to my work from couch... And frees up valuable desk space quality build 45 degrees to the 27 ” monitors with good wiring.! Up high in the top of each other no could not do.... Are within the clamp has a 1-7/8 '' lip that is permanently atached to your TV to no issues able! This is a great value for a business account or contact info from... Out product 16125 if it is hard to say more without seeing a of. Not think of any flat screen monitor the stand custom table and am able support/accommodate. 'D like to mount it to be sure i am supposed to do it monitors... … only US $ 106.43, bulk discount 5/16 through hole to be able work... An eye on this mount is a little over 9 lbs heavy just drill a 5/16 through to.