Have fun grinding! The power of industry experience is perspective - perspective we bring to help you best leverage your own capabilities and resources. (energizing cron), Lv61+ 245 tet kutum, full TET DR boss armor (296 DP): some classes like sorc and dk and mystic and warrior have a nice time at Hystria at this ap. You can get more details from watching the videos of each player linked. It also increases mount exp by a small amount. And is that only what you pick up off of corpses? Keep in mind some classes need even more AP to grind here and have it be worth more than previous spots, like 245 Kutum (Striker, Ranger, Mystic, Musa etc.) (capotia ring, tri crescent, tet weapons, capotia earring, tri blue coral earring, tri orkinrad belt is enough to get 235ap for kinda cheap). The values in the grinding spot table above and in this guide, do NOT reflect any of the changes shown below. Level 1 – 99 need 677 M Exp for normal class and need 1,957 M Exp for hi-class. 235 tet kutum: Manshaums makes an appearance here again. As a Sorc with over 240 AP w/ Kutum I get more exp at Mirumok than Sycraia Upper, Last updated Jul 6, 2020 at 7:31PM | Published on Jul 13, 2019, high Grunil drop rate. 3 different junk loots to exchange. Combat Exp can be hindered even by inventory space, if you are forced to stop grinding to sell at an NPC every 20 minutes. BDO Party Exp Distribution. Valtarra Spirit Crystal helps in Kamasylvia places, and if you’re under 245 Kutum they’re marginally more effective than critical crystals with the added Kama mob damage as well as hidden AP. Contribution Chart for CP soft cap and hard cap Black Desert Online BDO Contribution Points table. In total you will need 17,863,125 Health EXP. Drop rate is very important here as small mobu have as little as 37.5% chance to drop trash loot. What are the combat/skill EXP measured in? Also straight up grinding Hexe Sanctuary is decent as well. assume 66% of the trash loot and 50% of the rare drops), 180 tri kutum: Protty Cave, Blood Wolf Den, Crescent Shrine (you want this AP to 1-2 shot the guardians). 209 tri kutum: Centaurs and Basilisks. Spend at least P3,000 or P15,000 to earn P100 or P500 cash back with your BDO Credit Card! Macalod crystals help a bunch if you’re willing to sacrifice defense for additional hidden AP, accuracy, and stamina. Grinding Spot income and leveling times are influenced by so many factors, so take this guide with a big grain of salt! The following tactics are quoted from an awesome Grinding Spot Guide written by u/ACanadianNoob on reddit. Pets:Silver is highly impacted by pets. Book of combat and exp scrolls do not stack. Lv61+ 261 Nouver, 308+ DR based DP: Star’s End is a decent grind spot for Blackstar materials, and should be a good grind spot once erosion earrings are added to the game. Horse Training Gear & Training Exp . From Patch Notes – 17th December 2019, junk items increased in value up to 75%. Item Collection Scroll:Another big influencer of money earned at grinding spots is the Item Collection Scroll available in the Pearl Shop. Stay abreast of legislative change, learn about emerging issues, and turn insight into action. Assumes at least level 60 (Hystria and Sycraia need higher levels or mobs will be purple and dodge your attacks) with max awakening skill levels and common absolutes from mainhand tree depending on class. After Guru 20 you get 10 mastery per level. Then from level 56 to 61 you can do story quests and non-repeatable quests with the Chenga Tome equppied, to gain combat EXP. Resistance crystals like RBF Adamantine and BMC Vigor / Intimidation help a lot when you’re starting out and don’t know how to avoid CC attacks from mobs. Knowledge:You can earn Ecology Knowledge that gives an item drop buff of up to 20%. Lv62+ 261+ TET/PEN Kutum, 324+ DR based DP: Sycraia Underwater Ruins Abyssal LevelArcher needs even more dp cuz squish (Simple Cron), There’s some spots you can go to in order to make silver. <100 AP