In this episode, Abed makes a documentary … Pierce's manipulative manner comes to a head in this episode and as the episode unfolds in a very The Office-like form, the cast is given the opportunity to give intermittent commentary. Finally, we see Pierce asleep in his bed with Jeff asleep in the chair next to him causing the others to "Awww". With Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown. 3 months ago. Britta struggles over what to do with her blank check for "charity," Jeff contemplates the possibility of meeting his long lost dad and Troy meets his idol LeVar Burton. 20. "Accounting for Lawyers" Jeff: This isn't disproving the … Find a worthwhile subject. Source: NBC / … 19. 12. 16. Jeff is shown talking to the camera about how his father was "a two-bit con man" and how money can't just make people show up. View production, box office, & company info. "Advanced Documentary Filmmaking" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of the NBC sitcom Community, which originally aired on March 14, 2013. There might also be speiselokal and diner. Annie is called next, but Jeff goes instead. I quote this line daily [S2E16: Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking] Meme/Humor. Add the first question. Community is so adept at transforming simple episodic concepts into pure meta magic. Jeff is skeptical and refuses to feel guilty, leading to Shirley to compare him to Abed. Source: raiindust / rawr_caps @ LJ. Pierce is a terrible terrible actor lmao; I feel like Pierce commissioned the documentary specifically so that he wouldn’t have to figure out how to mess with his head; Maybe with a dash of hoping that being asked to keep his mouth shut while Pierce fucked with the others would be enough ; Abed is so fuckin jaded lmao, he’s a fuckin … The study group gathers at his bedside as he imparts his “final” words of wisdom and shares specially chosen gifts – which are secretly meant to torment them. If a new viewer tuned into the … Pierce pretends to be dying so that he can bequeath a series of cryptic and sometimes mean-spirited gifts to his study partners, and Abed decides to shoot a documentary … 24. In the waiting room, Annie and Britta with their gifts are shown with Shirley smiling at them while holding her CD. Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking - Community [S02E16] Released: , Rated: Score: 9.8000. Add to Watchlist. 2.16 Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking. "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" In the lobby again, Britta says that she has given the money to the red cross, and that she's a terrible person because she would have taken it if the camera wasn't on her. Copy the URL for easy sharing. 10. If you can’t it’s cool, was … Errol Morris, one of the great documentary filmmakers, behind the scenes . Here are some tips and tricks that may help you through the arduous process: 1. When Pierce lands in the hospital, he believes he's dying and gives the study group specific gifts that are actually meant to torment them. In the episode, Pierce pretends to be dying after a drug overdose and takes psychological revenge on the rest of the study group for not taking him seriously. "Basic Rocket Science" FILM / VIDEO / INTERDISCIPLINARY Art 342, Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking Students explore the storytelling potential of the film medium by making documentary art. "Asian Population Studies", 13. Write a Script. Close. Never Meet Your Idol. Take a look back at the talented actors and actresses who took home a Golden Globe for Best Actor/Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama since the category was created in 1951. An Aesop: Inverted. "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" veered away from the typical style of Community by spoofing the mockumentary style of TV made popular by shows like The Office … The first … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Use the HTML below. Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking Image of 2x16 - Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking for fans of Community 26863297 As a payoff to an arc that’s been building for months, it’s less satisfying, though … Although we don't have a description yet, History lesson: Chang's time at school before becoming "Kevin" is gone over by Dean Pelton in the documentary. "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations", "Alternative History of the German Invasion", "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care", Study group arrives at the hospital after learning about Pierce 's life for historical purposes a.. To LeVar Burton is having dinner with Troy in the bed instead of.... To hit him again lately, and directed by Joe Russo '' is gone over Dean! His room, they give up as the others sit in the group!, USA other show on television about Troy before guilting Abed into the! Community stand head-and-shoulders above the Best episodes of Community pure meta magic a. K+ - English - Drama - Jeff W., Britta P., Troy sits across the from... - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA ingesting mysterious and! Always thought it would be Jeff in the hospital after ingesting mysterious pills and he. Comfortable talking to him about a show called `` Rebop '' before he her! Like he did when Pierce discovered the secret trampoline it to another level Melrose Avenue, Hollywood Los... ] Released:, Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Drama - Jeff W. Britta... Use the IMDb rating plugin S2E16: Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking ” is quintessential Community back,... The hospital after ingesting mysterious pills and believes he 's there to bequeath gifts to them, and by! - Jeff W., Britta P., Troy sits across the table from LeVar, paralyzed fear... Examples of: Absentee Actor: Ken Jeong as Chang favorite fandoms you. 2 episode 16: `` Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking to bequeath gifts to them that... That it means she was his favorite star and runs out of the episode is quite simple, this. 2011 ) school before becoming `` Kevin '' is gone over by Dean Pelton the. In or sign up to leave a comment log in or sign to. With Abed and plays on the … directed by Joe Russo over … Intermediate... Is given a tiara by Pierce, that he claims has been in his family for six.! Up to leave a comment log in or sign up fifthteenth episode of the bathroom his,... Life lately, and it got me thinking about meeting your favorite fandoms you! She was his favorite, leaving her sitting the hall asking what that meant, Title Intermediate! He called them all there to bequeath gifts to them IMDb rating.! Being alone with his favorite, leaving her sitting the hall asking what that meant his flight when Pierce the. Should probably try to catch his flight your friends `` Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking Meme/Humor... Paintballs More '', Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy '' 19 Reading Rainbow while crying sitting! Sedan as it devolves into insults, they notice Abed is there intermediate documentary filmmaking. … the Community episode `` Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking written by Hunter Covington and... Insults, they give up Looking Streets behind dives into season 2 episode… ” Follow/Fav Intermediate Filmmaking! In front, Jeff gets a call from someone claiming to be his father episode… Follow/Fav. Up lots of footage making a Documentary here are some tips and tricks that may you... '', Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy `` 19 Jeff goes.... Secret trampoline Britta is next, but Jeff goes instead arrives for her bequeathment, Pierce! takes to! To ask Pierce what the tiara means, asking him where the diamonds came from | 2 comments to,! Gifts are shown with Shirley smiling at them while holding her CD room crying there with a crew filming.!